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  1. Feedback from Samvera UX Interest Group (2017-06-20):

    • Can a user type a string constant in the Author field instead of using the lookup to select a term from an authority?
      • At Cornell, we are planning to mint a local URI to add the string constant and then select the Cornell term/uri.
      • I can explore what would be involved with having a mix of string constants and URIs.
    • Can user change the label of a selected term?
      • No, the label is controlled by the authority.  If you want a different label, the expected process would be to mint a local URI to hold the custom label.  You can use `sameas` to relate the authority term you wanted to select with the local URI.  I'm not exactly sure how identifying the sameas term would be implemented in the UI.
    • I expected to be able to type in the Author field on the edit form and then click the Lookup to do the search.
      • That makes sense as an adjustment to the mockups.  That text could be auto-populated in the lookup search box when the lookup UI is displayed.
    • Can I use my local authentication system's userid as the author?  (context: self-deposit IR)
      • I hadn't considered that use case yet, but will explore the implications.  Would the authentication system have URIs for the users?  This seems similar to the local authority use case.
    • Can I use ORCID for authors?
      • QA is not currently configured to work with ORCID, but it is on the list of authorities to explore.  If it gets configured, it would be in the droplist along with LoC and OCLC.
    • It would be cool to click on an already selected term in the form (e.g. animal fats, milk byproducts, etc.) and have it go back to the lookup using that term as the lookup search term.
    • It's not clear that the Lookup button is adding another term.  This is similar to the issues with Sufia's Add button, which users clicked to save the value they already entered instead of seeing it as adding another potential field value.
      • This needs some user testing to see how best to present this to the user.

  2. Feedback from Applied Linked Data Interest Group (2017-06-21)

    • When the form is initially displayed, will the empty Author and Keyword fields show both the label and uri text boxes?
      • I hadn't really completely thought through that yet.  This should probably be driven by user testing. I could see where two empty boxes could either 1) confuse the user, or 2) provide a clue to the user that this will hold a label and uri.  This may depend on the user and type of system.  For librarians, this may serve the second purpose.  For a self-deposit user, this may be confusing.
    • On the question of allowing both string constant values and URIs, there is some concern about predicate range issues. 
      • This group leaned toward the approach of minting local authority URIs to use a custom constant.
    • Is the lookup table going to be on a separate page?  Could it be right in the form?
      • I had planned to use an overlay.  The table can get quite large when filled in.  It might make the form too cluttered.  But I will explore this option.  It would be good to have some user testing for this.
    • On the Author lookup, it was somewhat confusing to have just the Cancel button in the top-left.  It made more sense on the Keyword page with the Save and Cancel buttons.
      • We probably could use some user testing for the placement of buttons, search box, and authority selection components.
    • Are there plans for user testing?
      • Currently I am working on QA changes that return context for the table.  That will take a significant amount of time to complete.  It includes some caching work for the external authorities in a local cache, adding search functionality to the local cache, and having it return the predicates needed for QA to build the context.
      • Concurrently, I do hope to do some basic user testing with the mockups.  I probably need to do a bit more work on them to be able to do the user testing.