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  • List of Steering Committee members
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Steering Committee Members  (effective Q3 2019)

  1. Kathryn Cassidy (Digital Repository of Ireland - Trinity College Dublin)
  2. Jon Dunn (Indiana University)
  3. Jyrki Ilva (University of Helsinki)
  4. Claire Knowles (University of Leeds, Vice Chair)
  5. Iryna Kuchma (EIFL. Co-Chair, OR2020 Program Committee)*
  6. Lazarus Matizirofa (University of Pretoria. Co-Chair, OR2020 Program Committee)*
  7. Holly Mercer (University of Tennessee)
  8. David Minor (University of California, San Diego)
  9. Tomasz Neugebauer (Concordia University)
  10. Torsten Reimer (British Library)
  11. Andrea Schweer (University of Waikato - on parental leave)
  12. Daisy Selematsela (University of South Africa. Co-Chair, OR2020 Program Committee)*
  13. Mimi Seyffert-Wirth (Stellenbosch University. OR 2020 Organizing Committee)*
  14. Sarah Shreeves (University of Arizona, Chair)
  15. Elin Stangeland (University of Oslo)
  16. Simeon Warner (Cornell University)

* Temporary Members of Steering Committee

Past Permanent Members

  1. Adrian Burton
  2. Les Carr
  3. Tom Cramer
  4. Sayeed Choudhury
  5. Dermot Frost
  6. Michael Giarlo
  7. Richard Green
  8. Wolfram Horstmann
  9. Michele Kimpton
  10. John Leggett
  11. Mark Leggott
  12. Norbert Lossau
  13. Clifford Lynch
  14. Liz Lyon
  15. John Howard 
  16. Stuart MacDonald
  17. Jonathan Markow
  18. Mark McFarland
  19. Carol Minton Morris
  20. William Nixon
  21. Sandy Payette
  22. Matthias Razum
  23. Peter Sefton
  24. Mackenzie Smith
  25. Julie Speer
  26. Imma Subirats
  27. Tyler Walters
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