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This document is intended to serve both as an aide-memoire for the Open Repositories organization and as a loose guide for each year's conference organisers.  It is offered as guidance only and is provided "as is" without any warranty as to accuracy or completeness.

Following the overview, the middle sections of the document are essentially a walk through of the conference "creation" process whilst the Appendices contain related documents that will be useful in the process.



The Open Repositories vision

OR conferences past, present and future


Preparing a bid

General expectations

Expression of interest

Preparing a detailed bid


The annual cycle

Appointment of Program Chairs and Interest Group Chairs

Timetable and annual procedures


And now that it's all over

Post conference work


Appendices and Links to Related Content


OR 2013 and OR 2014 Code of Conduct

OR Steering Committee Membership Policies

Sponsorship brochure

Exhibition space for Open Source Projects

Rationale for Sponsoring OR Conferences

Conference Knowledge Base and document archive

ConfTool (Conference and Event Management Software)

Sample: Call for Proposals to Host the Annual Open Repositories Conference

Sample: Response to potential host organizations

Sample: Acknowledgement of receipt of EOL

Sample: Invitation to submit a detailed proposal to host

Sample: Thank you for your interest in hosting (not selected to submit detailed proposal) 




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