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Peter Binkley
Mark Bussey (Conference host)
Matt Critchlow
Karen Estlund
Erin Fahy
Richard Green (Admin assistant)
Anna Headley


Schedule (for info)

  • w/b 1st June: Web page and booking announced
  • (8-11 June: Open Repositories 2015)
  • 1 July:  Outline schedule announced following call on 30 June
  • w/b 3rd August:  Detailed program announced
  • 21-24 September:  HC2015



  1. Housekeeping
    1. Facilitator and notetaker for this call
    2. Additional agenda items?

  2. Organizational matters just for info:
    1. Hotel arrangements
    2. Social events 
      1. Poster reception
      2. Conference dinner
      3. Other...
    3. Public page  here
    4. Room availability for reference: HC2015 Conference Rooms.xlsx
      1. Need to confirm "end of day" time.  Didn't Mark say 16.30?  In which case our grids need tweaking Restriction applies only Weds & Thurs and is already catered for in the program timings
    5. FYI - Last year's post conference survey results

  3. Report back on outstanding to-do's
    1. We need soon to get information out about posters  Mark and Richard to draft an email for approval
    2. We need to sort out the Fedora 4 workshop (do you want me to ask Andrew to do it?  He is already registered, I think) Yes: approach Andrew (who is expecting it)
    3. Jessie Keck intimates that he might have difficulty filling 3 hours for the Blacklight w/shop – shorten it?  Ask him to make the second part "Ask the Experts"
    4. What does the title “Hydra promotional model” mean?  It’s not clear to me. Moving your Hydra project to a production ready system: testing, staging etc.
    5. Where are we with the Ruby workshop?  UCSD will fund it (though others will be approached to share the cost)
    6. The two w/shops explicitly for new managers (Sufia and Intro for NMs) clash  Swap #70 and #18
    7. We still need to get a confirmed list of w/shops out together with a reminder about booking  Richard to draft an email for approval
    8. Do we remove "Deploying and managing Solr" to become a breakout?  Yes
    9. Where are we with the code retreat?  Thursday pm and Friday am
    10. Detailed program release is only two weeks away and in that time we have to confirm the speakers  Extra call next week

  4. Program outline
    1. Resources list on Organizers' pages for Connect 2015
    2. Finalize program outline
      1. Bulk of call spent setting up Thursday parallel sessions, to be completed next call (21st)
    3. How to announce program outline
      1. emails and blog
      2. Add to conference homepage
    4. Are there identified program items for which we can now formally line up facilitators/speakers
      1. Richard will do the admin of all the emails and tracking if you wish

  5. Specific "to-do's" before next call
    Richard to complete workshop admin and do the speaker admin for the Wednesday plenary

  6. Plan next email(s) - when to send out
    1. Poster session (Last year's text here)
      1. FYI: No foc local printing facilities this year

  7. AOB

  8. Next call 21 July 8.00am PT, 11.00am ET, 4.00pm UK  Richard to send iCAL
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