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Time:  1pm Eastern / 10am Pacific. 

Call-In Info: Dial 1-609-258-0122, no access code needed

Moderator:  Eliot Jordan





  1. Roll Call

  2. Call for Agenda Items

  3. Next Call

    1. Date: Tue 28 July 2015
      1. This was postponed from 07/21/15 due to the Esri User Conference
    2. Moderator: Darren Hardy
    3. Notetaker: John Huck
  4. Vote on adoption of working group charter
    1. Charter Document
      1. This was adopted by all members of the working group
  5. Subject Heading (for messages submitted to the mailing list)
    1. [GIS WG]
  6. PCDM implementations of GIS data models
    1. First deliverable is a model for georeferenced maps
    2. Ready by Hydra Connect 2015
    3. Next steps
      1. Sketch out the logical models using Google Drawings
        1. This shall follow the approach undertaken during LCDX 2015
      2. GitHub - where should it live? projecthydra-labs
        1. Administrative privileges for the repository may need to be obtained from certain Hydra community members
      3. Examples to look at:
        2. It was proposed that the physical models should be implemented as siblings (rather than subclasses) of the existing GenericWork and GenericFile classes
        3. Documentation and a basic example (something resembling the domain model exhibited within this repository) was also suggested
      4. Perhaps block out some time to work on this as a group
        1. At least 1 hour was proposed
        2. A meeting to be held at 11:00AM PST/02:00PM EST on 06/24/15 using a Google Hangout was scheduled
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