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Time:  1pm Eastern / 10am Pacific. 

Call-In Info: Google Hangout (for this meeting):  New Hangout Link

Moderator: Elliot Jordan

Notetaker: John Huck

Attendees: Elliot Jordan, John Huck, Darren Hardy, James R. Griffin III.


  1. Roll Call

  2. Call for Agenda Items

  3. Next Call

    1. Date: 
  4. John - MIME Types, contentType, and geo metadata
  5. James - Issue with indexing spatial fields in Solr?
  6. Eliot - GeoConcerns sprint recap and review


  1. Roll Call
  2. Call for Agenda Items
  3. Next Call
    1. Date: May 17th: 1pm Eastern / 10am Pacific.
  4. Discussion of file format for external metadata:

    1. After discussion, Elliot clarified that Geoconcerns will use custom parameters with the XML MIME type to approximate MIME types, and that these will not necessarily have to be officially registered parameters. External file identification is required to trigger metadata extraction processes.

    2. Action item: John will create issue around what names to use for the schemas in the MIME type parameter, and related issues.
  5. James asked questions of the group relating to his PR 129. His solution works, but he is not satisfied it is the best solution. Discussion included what names to use for solr fields; how and when object metadata is exposed to a geoblacklight solr index; the format (Normally it's a JSON document that you POST directly to solr). Elliot recommended looking at how IIIF manifests are generated for Plum.

  6. Geoconcerns sprint: Lots of tickets closed. Elliot demonstrated the changes. Darren commented that it would be good to have some basic properties about the display version (thumbnail), and to have the ability to download just the thumbnail. Elliot is considering using a library other than gdal to generate nicer thumbnails of vectors. Adding a feature to allow uploading a thumbnail was also discussed.

  7. John mentioned the issue Steven has raised about observing the formal range of our predicates, but it will need to be discussed on the next call.

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