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  • 2016-07-12 Program Committee
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  1.  Welcome

  2. Next call:  19 July 2016 - 08:30 west coast, 11:30 east coast, 16:30 UK

  3. Additions/changes to agenda

  4. Updates
    1. Sessionizer
      via IM:  Erin "talked briefly to Justin about sessionizer and am starting to figure out a plan as to its hosting, but nothing firm yet"
    2. Rooming
    3. Scholarships
      Subcommittee meeting tomorrow to consider applications 
    4. Booking
      Now into the 50s. 
    5. Accommodating possible Mexican interest (see email to Connect list from Tom Cramer July 1st.)
      1. Status check on Spanish text for wiki page
        Richard to send email to hydra-community list asking for help with this.

  5. Program. 
    1. Vertical threads: Managers, Devs, Metadata, Sysops, Newbies, All.
    2. What are we going to provide by way of
      1. Workshops - this is the most urgent of the group
        1. Fedora 4?
          Yes- we need this.  Richard to contact the Fedora folks.
        2. Orientation sessions (see Richard's email July 6th? 
          Likely a good idea: plan it out in a Google doc - Richard to create (see
      2. Start planning workshop themes in a spreadsheet  (See:
      3. Plenaries
        Adverse comments last year that these were white-male dominated: need to address this.
        Split the "State of the HydraSphere between Tom and a Partner (or two)?
        Plan this out in a Google doc before making a decision (see  Maybe combine this with prospective presentations on the role of Partners and Hydra finance?
        Need some tickets for things like "Code of Conduct" so we make explicit provision for them. 
      4. Parallel presentations (and panels)
      5. Lightning talks
        Don't forget last year's attendees suggested more time for these in 2016 
      6. Posters
      7. Unconference
      8. WG/IGs

    3. Suggestions at the moment transferred to Waffle Board here
      1. Further work to consider existing and new tickets.
      2. Still need to consider:
        How do these suggestions map to the threads and the number of slots in each
        Would this provide a "balanced" program?
        Are there any clear holes we need to fill?
        What do we need to do asap to fully populate a balanced set of workshops? 

  6. Any other business

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