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  • 2016-09-29 HC2016 Host Committee
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  • Volunteers
  • Easel Delivery
    • Drop-off scheduled for 11:45 AM on Friday 9/30.
    • Pick-up sometime between Wed-Fri, Eben and Emily from BPL will coordinate with Mike

  • Northeastern Monday Morning logistics
    • There will be no registration desk at NEern
    • Make sure to put aside shirts for people attending workshop at NEern on Monday

  • Point person for issues
    • Program questions: Richard Green
    • Anti-Harassment: possibly Karen Estlund, Eben will email her to see if she's willing to do this

  • Mac Display Adapters
    • We are short on Mac DisplayPort-to-VGA or -to-HDMI adaptors
    • Karen and Mike will see if they can find some to bring

  • Power strips
    • Mike will bring some from Tufts

  • Late Registration protocol
    • People who show up without being registered will be directed to the Eventbrite sign up

  • Additional Social Activities?
    • Example: evening tour of TUFTS Library or WGBH or Northeastern?
    • People can create sign-up sheets on the wiki if desired

  • Other business
    • Thanks everyone for all your efforts! See you all next week.


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