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  • 2017-01-24 Personas, Workflows, APOs, Admin Sets
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Date:  Tues, 01-24-2017  at  8pt/11et

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Agenda & Notes

  • Discuss expected flow based on user personas
    • Terminology for the personas is different from institution to institution, some can be combined into one. Can be based on their roles
    • Decide on roles that can define the personas for Hyrax
    • DSpace has : Submitter, Admin, Curator
    • Hyrax roles: The possible roles could be Admin. Depositor, Approver, Reviewer
  • Review discussion on requirements related to:
    • Add Existing Resource
    • Resource Creation
    • Batch Upload
    • Workflow Control
    • APO Control
    • Mirror Admin Set

Questions that came up during our discussion:

  • How can we coordinate the work with UX/UI group?
  • How display sets are similar or different from Admin Set? It would be good to keep in mind, not to duplicate the work of Admin Set into Display Set. If institutions are not using Admin Sets, can they still use display sets? Can admin sets be nested? 
  • Question for community interested in admin set: The ability to nest and the ability to be in multiple display sets are the most important reasons to have display sets. Can admin sets be broaden to include these two?


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