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Discussion items


Decide on frequency of calls
  • Calls every 2 weeks
  • Goal: 30 minutes per call
  • People will take on specific deliverables between calls
  • Every other Tuesday at 11am US Eastern, starting May 2

What's our timeframe?
  • 4 months to start with
  • By then we should know whether this is worth continuing
  • Let's keep scope tight especially at first

Pick facilitator

Tracking tasks:


  • Increase inline documentation coverage (projecthydra only)
  • YARD vs anything else?
  • Define community expectations
    • How do we capture the gap between what people need to know and what's currently documented?
    • "How to ask for help" – How do we stop answering the same questions over and over again?
    • Do we want to set up a stack overflow?
      • It could be a way to uncover questions that aren't being answered
      • It could link back to
  • Establish as home for instructional documentation

Action items