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 11:00 AM EST at

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Topic: Samvera Documentation WG
Time: this is a recurring meeting Meet anytime

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Facilitator: LaRita Robinson

Notetaker: Andrew Myers


Agenda / Notes:

  1. Roll call (please log in above)
  2. Review project board:
    1. Reporting on items completed since last meeting
      1. Mike Giarlo has completed the change from hydra to samvera. Ticket closed
      2. Lynette has been working on versioning of pages. Shows how pages relate to which version of the software.
    2. Review status of in-process tickets
      1. LaRita doing house keeping of open tickets.
      2. Best practices for documentation - the readme is starting to fill out with better information on how to add documentation.
      3. Turn titles off that are causing duplication in the A-Z list. (There are backlog issues for this)
        1. Note: This is not the "sitemap"
        2. May be adjusting index on what is included in the A-Z list/index.
    3. Discuss ready items & groom backlog
      1. Any new items needed?
        1. Search feature? See:
        2. #107 - get community involvement in A-Z terms. Might need to recruit people.
        3. First draft of "Design Patters" is in progress
        4. What should be moved to ready?
          1. We have plenty in the On Dock/Ready state. If enough get closed move from Backlog.
  3. Other agenda:
    1. Front Matter
      1. Some of the pages include the "last_updated" tag. This tag populates the "Page last updated" date in the footer info.
        1. Example:
      2. Would this be a helpful thing to kept up to date, as an indicator of how current the documentation is? Should we create an issue to add this date on all pages, and to add info about the tag to the README? 
        1. Will add an issue to investigate if this is automated.
        2. Is there a way (or good way) to tag a documentation page as out of date so that someone using the docs doesn't use out of date docs (or is aware that a doc is out of date).
    2. Do we need some sort of standard way to flag a page as "known out of date" on the site? 
      1. If someone reports the information as incorrect, we can create an issue, but if it's the backlog and we know that it is out of date on the site, do we need to do anything until the page has been made current?
    3. Versioning - How to get rid of duplicates in the left menu without having the older versions not highlight a menu location at all?
      1. We need to investigate a better way to display the version differences. Right now, the menu is messy, but something like the DSpace model is cumbersome.
    4. PR acceptance checklist
      1. Should last updated date be added to the PR acceptance checklist be added?
      2. Adding an issue to identify what should be in the check list.
  4. Pick facilitator / notetaker for next time
    1. Notetaker is responsible to copy template agenda into a new agenda for next meeting and add any followup items immediately.
      1. Next meeting 8/8
      2. Facilitator: Jen
      3. Note Taker: Drew
    2. Note: Lynnette will be facilitating the collections sprints, so not writing documentation for this group for the next 6 weeks or so.

Action items