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  • 2017-08-15 Meeting Notes
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  • Adam
  • Nik
  • David
  • Chris
  • Jenn


  • Adam Arling volunteering as co-facilitator
  • Samvera Connect UX presentations
    • DURT
    • Chris Diaz's proposal
    • Others? 
  • Update on DURT discussion with Repo Managers & test instance manager
  • Accessibility efforts


  • Introductions
  • Samvera Connect
    • If you're interested in participating in the DURT presentation add your name to the suggestions page
    • If you're interested in participating in the front end customizations presentation, add your name for that one.
    • Suggestions for Samvera Connect 2017 Program
  • Testing instance
    • Have set up by Samvera Connect
    • Vanilla instance for verifying functionality
    • Interactions in Hyrax list - super user manual, accessibility checking, variety of uses
      • Chris editing and writing up as user manual
    • Look at how the interactions list can inform usability testing
    • Julie is collecting testing requirements.
    • How do we scope a release and make sure testing is done? 
    • Julie's browser question
      • Browserstack, major browsers
      • Go back five versions or so
      • A list of supported browsers could be good for more process documentation
    • Feature testing vs usability testing
  • Accessibility
    • html in the project seems like it could be more semantic
    • Penn has been doing a lot of testing and contributing to the master branch
    • Penn seems to be most active in making it a priority

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  1. Hello UXIG, I'd like to join the next meeting, can you confirm the date for next one is Sept 19th 2017?

    1. Yup! Third Tuesday which is the 19th.