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  • 2017-12-12 Meeting Agenda and Notes
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 11:00 AM EST at

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Topic: Samvera Documentation WG
Time: this is a recurring meeting Meet anytime

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Facilitator: Andrew Myers

Notetaker: To be decided


Agenda / Notes:

  1. Roll call (please log in above)
  2. Review last week's action items:
    1. Jen:  Will contact Tom Johnson regarding potential email interview
    2. Jen:  Will craft email interview based on how to perform a task - adding actors (demo how it works when you add an actor)

    3. Drew:  Make sure all documentation on Jekyll page is findable, navigable to Actor components

    4. Ryan:  Will add Jen's project steps to the Board

  3. Review project board:
    1. Reporting on items completed since last meeting
    2. Review status of in-process tickets
    3. Discuss ready items & groom backlog
      1. Any new items needed?
      2. What should be moved to ready?
  4. Other agenda:
    1. (add your items here)
  5. Pick facilitator / notetaker for next time
    1. Notetaker is responsible to copy template agenda into a new agenda for next meeting and add any followup items immediately.


  1. Discussion re: project board items
  2. Other discussion
  3. Facilitator & Notetaker for next meeting
    1. Facilitator:
    2. Notetaker:

Action items 

Drew:  will place ticket and start conversation with Tom Johnson 2

Ryan:  will make an ask of Steering Committee at around $10K

Drew:  Action Item review

Jen - Got in touch with Tom Johnson, he did commit to completing interview questions.  Two weeks ago, so as a follow up, can post what those questions look like.  Do an example that's relevant and timely.  S3 or other relevant topic.  Can you give me a rough interview of how to interact with the system at a high level.  Don't modify actor, you make a new actor.  How do I do what I want to do?  

Should I post this to project files?

Drew:  yes, on splash page, there's usually something.

Lynette:  Was there an issue in Github that it's associated with?  Also - Tom is in grad school right now, so maybe he's in exams.  Maybe next week is better?

Jen:  Is there a place for the pilot program thing?  No representation in Samvera Githib repo.  Basically - make one issue in GitHub.  Tag Ryan Steans on it.  

Lynette:  Page in Wiki from last effort in Wiki - so not sure you want to hang something off there.  Can point from Wiki to GitHub, process of five interviews and interview types.  I'll post Wiki page (where we defined what we were going to do) to Slack.  It lists five approaches, topics, so we can link to GitHub issues for each one.

Drew;  This is work, so it'd be great so we could move the ticket to the "In process" column.

Lynette:  Yeah, let's link to GitHub issue.

Drew:  make sure all documentation on Jekyll page is findable from components.  I just cut and pasted from last meeting notes.  I thought I was turning tutorials into front-page items.  One of the original dive-into tutorials is one page.  It was a slide-show.  Slide about actor stack wasn't useful from tutorial, however we did throw in action item to make tutorials more useful.  Not sure who did that.  Second tutorial is still a slide-show, but I don't think you can link to individual pages.  Nothing worked.  Too js'y to work.  That is still on the backlog, and is a ticket.  

I was having issues adding tickets to projects.  Anyone more successful?

My add button is greyed out.

Jen - you have to just drag it over.  Your add button is greyed out?  

Drew - I found a different way to do it, and it works.  Moving it down the backlog.  

Lynette:  Create another project for the pilot we're doing so we can add the work to the project.  Surprised to hear the slide show is working.  Was there a card associated with those demos?

LaRita:  I had issues getting the links to work but arrows working now.  Maybe something changed in Chrome.

Drew:  I think if you try to go to a hash URL, it doesn't work.  We should break it out into one big page.  

Lynette:  I think under the hood it is one big page - in new documentation, more info on ACTOR stack, that has some information about ACTOR stack and how it functions in the bigger scheme of things.  

Drew:  is it tagged as Actor?  It's a term that gets thrown around a lot.  We should target those terms.

Lynette:  We can do that.

Drew:  Not much progress.

Ryan:  The two stories were created.  They're in the board.

Drew:  Board has dropped off in usefulness.  All kind of in same boat.  We have 4 tickets in progress, created in May and June of 2017 - we aren't moving tickets that fast.  Are we still using this organization of work as intended?  Is work lagging?  

Jen:  We're just busy.  It isn't broken.  

Drew:  Yeah, just dsiheartening to see slower progress.

Jen:  We're back on it!

Drew:  Lots of positive energy behind interviews and user process.   Anyone have time?  I'm swamped until January.

Lynette:  Yeah, I'm swamped putting stuff into master.

Lynette:  Send Ryan link for developer.

Jen:  listing ways to find developer communities - likely to find more than just Tom Johnson 2.  Can scope out what we want this person to be doing.  Versioning.  

Lynette:  Added link to Github repo for his docmentation.

  1.  Fairly simple - another layer of depth in the menus - need to go deeper than 2 layers.  
  2. Incorporating versioning - so you can go to most recent, then drop menu that allows you to switch between differnet versions.  

Drew:  Git has some versioning.  Custom front matter?

Lynette:  Yeah, A-Z is custome front matter - problem is couldn't have only one show up in the left-hand menu.  WHole lefthand menu loses it's place if you're talking versions.  Example - metadata - multiple pages, way too complex.  Need that lefthand menu.  Need to know you're doing this with version 1 or 2.  That kind of thing - but don't have time to delve into code.  Maybe to TJ2, not so complicated?

Drew:  If we find someone we want to hire - no idea what the rate is.  Probably a higher rate.  Someone who needs to draw up the contract - but there's almost always some dispute at the end of the contract.  Rarely is it ever square at the end.  Go with idea of hiring someone.  How do we deal with it if contract is not met?

Alternatively, could hire a trainer to train us on Jekyll.  Larger set of return on gains.  

Jen:  Good fallback position, but we're super strapped.  It's a great longterm solution.  The theme is in Ruby, just not optimum for next x amount of time.  Good to be super clear about what we want.  Worst case scenario, deliver something we can make sense out of and work with.  

Drew:  Worst case scenario - it all falls apart and we don't get anymore money.

Jen:  half up front, half on delivery.  All public, too.  They don't want disputes on their own records.  

Drew:  Craft documents, find person, stay in communication with them.  

Jen:  Need 

Lynette:  we can't estimate because we don't know enough about the problem.  Tom might know.  Float it past him, show code, show him where we're stuck.  Rate, how much work, to open up the conversation?  How much would it be, how much would you charge?  Keeps it informal.

Drew:  Encourage Ryan to go back with a number.  Find out where the ceiling is.

Jen:  It's hard stuff but we can do it.

Drew:  ACTION ITEM:  Reach out to Tom Johnson - ask a few questions.  

Ask him how long to put in a more manageable manageable versioning system.  Ask him about layering of menus.  Lynette can pint Drew to key pieces.  Probably can even point to versioning in PR's.  

ACTION ITEM:  Ask if $10K is under our ceiling for what they have to offer

Lynette:  PR - leave all versions in the menu, option 2:  only latest version in sidebar with drop down on item page

We have all diffferent kinds of gems for all different versions - makes it more complex than usual.  Lynette will put a link in Slack to PR.  Will provide assisttance.  

Only small changes to pages.  ReadMe has some documentation, too.  Lynette can definitely help out.