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Meeting Information

Facilitating: Aaron Collier

Zoom link:

Time: 10am(PST)/1pm(EST)

Note Taking: Benjamin Armintor

Attending: Hannah Frost (SUL), Nathan Tallman (PSU), Chad Nelson (Temple), Delphine Khanna (Temple), Emily Toner (Temple), Steven Ng (Temple), Ryan Wick (Oregon Digital), Andrew Weidner (Univ. of Houston)


  1. Confirm/determine meeting schedule
    1. Is this time good, and if so what frequency? Temple +1, prefers monthly; Nathan seconds - will schedule a meeting for next month
    2. Timelines: PSU has a 6-12 month timeframe; charter not yet submitted so still flexible
  2. Review IG/WG framework
  3. Review draft WG charter
    1. Chad Nelson: Is this an opportunity to compare workflows? That's the principal blocker at Temple (eg batch processes). Is this the right place for that?
    2. Hannah: This IG is a great place for identifying what the needs are re: admin features and workflow, that's important and in-scope
    3. Aaron: that should feed into the requirements/use cases; cf DSpace WG's "table of needs"
    4. Delphine Khanna (Temple): Beyond specific tools, also some questions about throughput that may need to be addressed (not just tools for sake of tools)
      1. Chad: this seems like a opportunity to shape the requirements/use cases too
      2. Aaron: we should definitely document the throughput requirements/configurations
    5. Ryan Wick: has migrated, but has some observations about charter:
      1. is hyku the primary target? or hyrax? should be clear (Houston definitely targeting hyku)
      2. batch editing interfaces are also an issue
      3. would worry less about throughput than about learning curve of system/tool differences
        1. Chad: this is a documentation concern, too
    6. Aaron
      1. Unclear how work on hyku filters back to hyrax and vice-versa
    7. Nathan: unsure what relationship to Plum or Spotlight might be, specifically about collection building and landing pages
      1. Aaron: there's overlap with display sets WG
      2. Would add some kind of harvest mechanism as a MVP requirement (OAI, something for DPLA, etc)
    8. Delphine: How would compound objects from Cdm map to hyku?
  4. introduce some prospective supporting software
    1. UVic cdm_migrator
    2. Move-to-Islandora Kit (MIK) Toolkit
      1. Aaron is going to look into how CSU accomplished migration from Digital Commons is addition
    3. Solicit write-ups: what are the correspondences between these tools and our use cases/requirements? what are the gaps?
  5. Questions
    1. Emily (Temple): Where are people actually at on this issue?
      1. Aaron: CSU is very early stages, focused so far on IR side
      2. Andrew (UH): about a year in, adapting workflow with hyku as target, will be testing some workflows in next couple of weeks
        1. this process has surfaced concerns about where preservation workflows intersect with this, too
        2. next month should have something to report back to group (will talk to Braydon Justice about cdm_migrator)
    2. HyBox team gives this meeting a thumbs up!
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