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Meeting Information


Zoom link:

Time: 10am(PST)/1pm(EST)

Note Taking: 



  1. Roll Call
    1. Eastern: 
    2. Central: 
    3. Mountain: 
    4. Pacific: 
  2. Updates
    1. Any progress to report from migrating institutions?

Action Items From June Meeting:

    1. Start a requirements document/matrix: CONTENTdm/Samvera - Required Feature Matrix
      1. Include/Compare workflows
      2. Use cases
        1. What solution packs match requirements and what is the interoperation (i.e. hyrax and spotlight)
          1. UH - Documentation and talk about the complexity of this migration. Best practices, what considerations do other institutions have (rights management, file naming, etc)
          2. Temple - Staff interface features from contentdm, are they present in Hyku/etc. Will be useful, from temple, list of features they are relying on from the staff interface. Shared in chat: not ready for public (yet):
            1. Use this as a model for the wiki matrix.
      3. Documentation needs?
        1. Supporting software
          1. UVic cdm_migrator (continuing development over the summer) 
          2. Move-to-Islandora Kit (MIK) Toolkit
    1. Starting a migration matrix with current status for each institution:  CONTENTdm Migration to Samvera Matrix
  1. Additional action items
    1. Andy - Houston. IMLS grant submitted around this work for a toolkit. Should have answer in August.
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