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  • 2018-02-20 Meeting Agenda and Notes
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 11:00 AM EST at

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Topic: Samvera Documentation WG
Time: this is a recurring meeting Meet anytime

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Facilitator: Jennifer Lindner

Notetaker: Ryan Steans


Agenda / Notes:

  1. Roll call (please log in above)
  2. Review project board:
    1. Reporting on items completed since last meeting
    2. Review status of in-process tickets
    3. Discuss ready items & groom backlog
      1. Any new items needed?
      2. What should be moved to ready?
  3. Other agenda:
    1. Update on technical writer consultation
  4. Glossary - ready to go?
  5. Pick facilitator / notetaker for next time
    1. Notetaker is responsible to copy template agenda into a new agenda for next meeting and add any followup items immediately.


  1. Discussion re: project board items
  2. Other discussion
  3. Facilitator & Notetaker for next meeting
    1. Facilitator:
    2. Notetaker:

Action items 

Ryan make Template for notes for next meeting (add Ruth)

 Jen will ping the channel when she's ready.  She will make a ticket for the work

Larita will update the ticket to reflect the work done and what's going on with Jekyll work

LaRita working on issues on the board - how to do PR's (there was a PR for it).  

"How to submit a PR" is in done column - 198 - needed to be added to new cards.  Needs to be merged in.  

Jen - leave it as issue whether to go further with it.  Lynette - good to use, could add to the template - actual checkboxes for PRs.  Pretty long, but may be useful.  Template that's for the issue - use all of it - PR is different.  

LaRita suggests suggests to templatize a link to the "How to submit a PR" -

Lynette just merged it.

Jen:  NavTab stuff.  

LaRita - NavTab stuff - issues - using Include and Tabs/ frontmatter to generate however many tabs needed - the problem with how Frontmatter read it.  The biggest problem was how it autogenerates a table of contents.  Drew looking at a quick plugin to handle the front matter.  Not sustainable as is.  Work looking at other templates - none had been updated in a while, so we did not switch templates as nothing was as new as what we're doing.  

Jen:  AI:  Can we update the ticket to reflect the work done and what's going on.  

LaRita:  Make frontmatter fo eachp page only knows its own version - would get rid of depth of what it needs to know.  Drew knows the Ruby Plug-in, file structure for each filename.  Will determine how its built into the version in tabs.

Autobuilding does not pick up table of contents from included.  Hopefully next week or two Drew can work on this.

Jen:  Documentation best practices.

Lynette:  as I have time, I'm looking at.  Not active.  

Jen:  Connecting to Shib.  Bess:  Haven't had time to work on that.

Jen:  DOn't merge the PR because it's the transcibred interview.  Update!  Tried talking to Tia who has experience and passion for documenting API's.  No response.  Got in touch with other person - Masters in writing, etc... 4 hour consultation, transcribe interview.

But it worked and Jen will have something for the group in short order.  DIdn't get down from Giarlo quite what he meant in a few places - so we may need to go back.  So, we need to think about how many revisions we can do.  

AI:  Jen will ping the channel when she's ready.  She will make a ticket for the work.

Glossary - Lynette - run by Julie to see if she has any comments.  Combining of info in several different places.  Glossary itself will probably have to be versioned.  May shift over time - but versioning hopefully won't be an issue.  

Start by checking in with Julie to see if she likes what we have, and then we can merge it.

Get an issue created to make sure everything is tied to a release version.  Point to a Master or a release version.  Update links when we merge.