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  • 2018-03-20 Meeting notes
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  • Distribute any UX related community updates
  • Listen for and record any UX related concerns/ideas from community

Discussion items

10minReview Accessibility360 Audit findings, plan forwardAnyone with a Confluence account can review the docs here: Accessibility Audit of Hyrax 2.0
10min DURT updates / time horizon 

Now that Jenn Colt is moving to other projects, discuss any responsibilities she had which need to get picked up?

10minState of UI/UX tickets in Hyrax/Nurax and review flow
What's the triage process for Nurax tickets? Are issues just informally created in Hyrax from Nurax?
10minGeneral update on Avalon Bundle (built on top of Hyrax) 7.0 development, and how we're using Rails Webpacker and considering JS framework(s) React or Vue.Adam Joseph Arling

Northwestern is building a "Next Generation Repository" internal application, which ingests via Hyrax and exposes it's data via API to a standalone ReactJS front-end. AWS, cloud-based.

Avalon 7.0 will likely leverage React or Vue for some parts of it's UI, along with Redux for state management. All Avalon 7.0 JavaScript and unit testing will be processed via Rails Webpacker, and not the standard asset pipeline.

Action items

  • Adam Joseph Arling Put together some clarification questions on the process for working on / handling "accessibility" issues.