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  • 2018-04-05 Accessibility Planning Meeting notes
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  • Provide a groomed accessibility Github issue list to Steve / Community

Discussion items


Final Delivery date to present groomed Hyrax Github issues to communityAdam, Harsh, Michael

Deadline: April 20, 2018

 Split up initial work from spreadsheet to test what's still valid, and close out old onesAdam, Harsh, Michael On the 3rd column of attached spreadsheet, we can self-assign issues to verify or get current status of.

Labeling Hyrax issuesAdam, Harsh, Michael
  • In preparation for organizing validated Accessibility issues in Hyrax Github issues, we will use 'accessibility-concern' label
  • Identify issues that are related upstream to blacklight using 'blacklight-ui' label, take these to the community for decision making

Github organization notes for accessibility issuesAdam, Harsh, MichaelFrom Steve: place them in the 2.x Accessibility milestone:

Capture other accessibility issues related to mobileAdam, Harsh, MichaelCapture them as github issues when identified, but our priority for this cycle is to fix desktop issues

Action items

  • Reference this document before April 20, 2018 to organize refinement efforts  (
  • Self-assign issues for testing and cleanup - Harsh, Adam, Michael
  • Setup weekly meeting until April 20th - Adam
  • Create new label for blacklight-ui in Hyrax github repo - Michael