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  • 2018-04-17 Meeting Agenda and Notes
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 11:00 AM EST at

Facilitator: Andrew Myers

Notetaker: Ryan Steans


Agenda / Notes:

  1. Roll call (please log in above)
  2. Feedback from first docs work session:
    1. Focus on backlog grooming, prioritization.
    2. Better labels: specifically Content vs. Jekyll vs. Organization
  3. Project management
    1. Can we get rid of the "Backlog" column? Doesn't seem very useful. The issues list can be the backlog, and the "On Deck" column
    2. Proposal for new ticket lifecycle:
      1. Create Issue => "On Deck" => "In Progress" => PR => "Done"
      2. Don't put PRs on the project board; only tickets. (All PRs should refer to at least one ticket).
      3. If a ticket is not ready, or we don't know if it's ready, then keep it off the project board.
      4. If a ticket is ready, move it to "On Deck"
      5. "On Deck" should be prioritized, ideally.
      6. "On Deck" tickets need not be assigned.
      7. "In Progress" tickets should be assigned.
  4. Review project board:
    1. Reporting on items completed since last meeting
    2. Review status of in-process tickets
    3. Discuss ready items & groom backlog
      1. Any new items needed?
      2. What should be moved to ready?
  5. Other agenda:
    1. Standing working time
  6. Pick facilitator / notetaker for next time
    1. Notetaker is responsible to copy template agenda into a new agenda for next meeting and add any followup items immediately.


Feedback from work session on Friday:  Who was there - what tickets got worked on.  - advise on what happened in that meeting

Would like Work Session to be a normal thing.  Maybe use this time to groom tickets.  

"On Deck" is stuff we're working on.  "Backlog" are potential issues.  Lot of stuff missing from Backlog that isn't on project board.

On POint 2 - if we do some prioritization: labels: Content, Jekyll, Site Organization

New labels:  "New Content" and "Change Content"

People at work session will have different expertise and need to pick up tickets suited for them.  

Move to get rid of Backlog - seconded.  LaRita may know how to do it.  Column removed.

From now on - create issues in GitHub like any other project - as part of this WG meeting, we can groom issues and decide priority.  Can pull into on-deck column as a form of prioritization.  Keep tickets on Project Board and not PR's.  Hard to know what "done" looks like.  Easier if just tracking the ticket.  

Make tickets - make that "done" part is part of the ticket.  LaRita pulled "Done" things into 'Done" Column.  A place to move things out of "In Progress" Column.  Abandon ticket - "Done" or do we just remove it?

Prioritized "On Deck" Column and "In Progress" so we can see who is working on what.

Progress on 6 tickets - some of them all the way done - more wrapped up after the meeting.  Got more people involved.  Brian McBride and Anna Headley helped out.  

Ticket 231:  PR - After the meeting LaRita was working on the Google Search Box.  Added some additional documentation on where she's at (TICKET 231).  Currently held in place.  Issues documented on the issue.  

Come back to it and revisit it when we figure what we want workings ession to look at next.

Ticket 236:  Making menu friendlier.  Less maintenance to get it going.  On Jekyll there's a list of sanctioned plug-ins.  "Jekyll Menus" does what Drew was going to do.  Specify menu on front of a page.  Parent.  Generates menus based on that.  Could include links to things that aren't pages and pages can be in front-matter of pages themselves.  Downside - touches a lot of files.  Where you're at in file structure - everything in side menu right now.  If you want to change something it's in that menu.  Sidebar template config'd in each page.  Now: add keyword menu - get rid of big sidebar template - top level content items don't have content - but now the parent will be a piece of content itself.  Re-doing intro side - "Start here" piece - first page under that was introduction - that can be landing page for that whole section.  Can replace menu with a new menu.  Do that before applying same styles to it so can see how it will all fit together and present when its done.  

Tagged it R&D - don't know tasks yet, doing research stuff.  Can close current ticket and make new tickets.  Will touch a lot of pages, lots of coordination.  Get a prototype for people to look at.  

Ticket 189 - Can close it.  Closed by 252 - that's the PR.

Ticket 73 - update architecture with a new name.  It says "Hydra" - we need to update.  Kick it back to on-deck.  Update version of the architecture diagram that we're pointing to in our Doc site.  Bess updated it and sent to Richard.  Update the version we're pointing to in our site.

Ticket 61:  Looking at documentation best practices.  4 items remaining.  Put on "On Deck" - 

Ticket 142 - Amending documentation - a proposal and clarity - documents way its suppsoed to happen but Hyrax doesn't do it that way.  LaRita assigning herself to it.  Adding a "Blocked" type label - "Waiting"

Any idea on the movement of the Hyrax ticket?  It's not part of the CE work.  A fairly minor change but haven't looked into it.

PRs -

251 - Brian - add a sitemap - Jekyll aware that there's a sitemap gem but no .xml file exists.  Ask Brian a question here.  Tested successfully on local.  Drew will review.  Sitemap added to site.pages - will need to make sure that's where its at.  needs to land in _sitedirectory, usually in root directory

Back to Search Box:  - update it with a whole bunch of to-do's.  Need to know more CSS.  Minor thing.  One decision:  where to put it?  Currently based on LaRita's personal account.  Simple cnage to put it somewhere else.  Several configuration options - overlay options.  Some CSS and javascript things not found.  In code - looking for search page.  Refer to a local one - site-based URL is needed.  Do some extra work to find and pick up local environment.  When you click on something in dev, will go to live site.  Hard to test.

Question - does someone want to pull it down, look at code - is that what we want?  Do we like overlay search options?  Do we want a new page for search options/ results?  Overlay option is fairly common.  

Turn these to do's into actual tickets and pull PR off board?  Small tickets - small pieces of work.  Who gets password and who keeps track of that?  - Keep it the way it is - keep it in progress - high in top spot

Is there anything to prioritize On Deck or any issues for next week?

New Content, A-Z index thing (Anna working on bug) - if search works well we may not need that

Pushing A-Z off priorities til after Search is working

Put a tag on things for priority, or just include in a list?  - Use vertical positioning to indicate priority

Anything in issues we think would be a good priority to work on next Friday?

121 - show "last updated" - front matter exists - can it update automagically?  - Label "Jekyll"  Plugin in Ruby - could shell out to Git, figure out last time a change was made to it

Few bug issues - 115, 114 - 190, 95

Drew will remove some things that aren't as relevant and will be ready for next Friday - most do-able for things people are capable of doing

Action items