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  • 2018-04-30 Accessibility meeting notes
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  • Track progress from previous week.
  • Outline goals for next week.

Discussion items


How to beak down issues which seem to be similar, but refer to multiple instances on different elements/pages?


If the complexity of what underlies the issue (within the code) seems moderate or above, separate issue(s) should be created because even though it looks like the same problem, it may be due to underlying causes. Or the root cause may be in Blacklight, or a Blacklight plugin, or 3rd party plugin/library.

 Best practice to include the WCAG guideline in each Github issue. Adding the guideline will add context and greater insight for the developer on how to approach. Good knowledge for future dev work.

Plan is to continue on with critical issues (almost there, only 5-6 more to go). vs.
In the spreadsheet, for Accessibility 360 report links which point to the older domain (, we need to re-create in Nurax because it's a more updated version. Then put a link to the Nurax page. Also include Nurax version, and Hyrax version (ie. 2.1).

Action items