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  • 2018-05-01 Meeting Agenda and Notes
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  11:00 AM EST at

Facilitator: LaRita Robinson

Notetaker: Ryan Steans


Ryan Steans

Bess Sadler

LaRita Robinson

Lynette Rayle


  1. Roll call (please log in above)
  2. Work session progress
  3. Outstanding PRs
  4. Prioritize the "On Deck" column of the project board.
  5. Pick facilitator / notetaker for next time
    1. Notetaker is responsible to copy template agenda into a new agenda for next meeting and add any followup items immediately.


Working session last Friday - he and Anna Headley - 5 PRs

They completed 5 items (see above in #2).  

Some outstanding PR's -

Merging - Is Jen's ready?  Says approved - That's Anna - moving on that

LaRita's PR is not yet merged -  someone needs to take a look at LaRita's fix - Drew taking a look (Lynette says it was seen in the larger review) - Sounds like it will be part of the upcoming release

Prioritize the On Deck for next Work Session - variety of Site Structure and Content so there are things available for people with different skill sets

(#118) site structure A-Z index - fix the Google Search that LaRita started - A-Z index title even when index title is false - 

(#120) good for site structure

(#115)  - Content - Formalities

Did we start an approvals checklist for Pull Requests

(#122) Checklist for approvals for pull requests

(#114) - bad links - or not clear how it functions

(#91) - Customizing

#73  - Could be worked on

#107 - leave on Deck?  All of this is already done - may be able to close CLOSE

How do we add to "On Deck"? - pull some technical ones in

Automatic menu generator - ? #236 - should be "In Progress"?  Not yet

#203 - looked at - could go in On Deck - refactoring for verisioning

Pushed up Sitemap PR - Now a sitemap on GitHub - should aid in general searches - should be more discoverable via search engines - Search thing will impact effort to A-Z index

#109 - 

Tried to fix A-Z and didn't have much luck - 

#253 is closed - 

Lynette's checklist for a PR:

Ideal we're shooting for - Maybe go through this in code review - do we want "requireds" and "good idea"

#114 is within #113 - - can ditch 114

Remove #55 - create a sitemap is done

#48 - guessing this got resolved - 

#1,6 and 7 all tied to slides in general  - #75 would replace that slide deck - Maybe nots pend time on a slide deck - tagging 1,6, 7 and saying do 75 instead

Documentation is for Samvera as a whole, not Hyrax - makes us think about how the site works - lots of non-technical documentation - more community type stuff.

May have versions of community docs.

Do we want to keep those main boxes or are they repeated in the left menu? Do we want those tabs to point people to certain areas - Dev Menu/ Hyrax Menu/ etc... anything enough to have a different sidebar menu

Separate side-bars would clean up the left menu

Draw up some mocks of our ideas?

Useful to have someone with a technical writing look at organization of site - 

Do we have it in our own wheelhouse - but way we have it now is not working - look at Balsamic to see if it can help us make mock ups.  Keep mock-ups in Samvera Wiki.  

What questions - what do you expect to see when you land on the homepage?  New chunk of documentation

Filter audience by who they are - I am here as a developer, I am here as a manager - Metadata, 

Start Here may be a bit vague

Take up Mocks in Two weeks - 

Balsamic is on DSPace wiki  - macros - mock-up

Drew make ticket - link to that thing as a ticket - re-organize teh front page - mock-ups - Broader ticket for website organization?  

Tie it to Ticket #14 - add comments there

Action items: