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  • 2018-06-14 Meeting notes
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Discussion items

Samvera Virtual Connect: UX Interest Group: Accessibility ideas for presenting
  • Issues have been groomed.
  • Ready ready for pair programming, if anyone in the community is interested in learning more about Accessibility?
  • Next steps
 Goal by Samvera Virtual Connect Have all the issues in the spreadsheet groomed by before July 11th.

How to proceed with working on the issues created in Github?

Declare a "work cycle", in say August... for a week. The message to community is Adam Joseph Arling, Harsh Parekh and Michael Anthony Tribone are committing to a week of work, and looking for fellow volunteers. Week of July 30th might work.

Goal of UX Interest Group?

UX Interest group is an open forum for people who have UX concerns / issues... like an open discussion.

Could be information architecture, workflow, UI, accessibility, all things that make up the User Experience. Keep the scope open to all Samvera applications, instead of just Hyrax.

From there, spawn off sub-groups which work on hard action items. Like groom accessibility results into issues. DURT testing, etc.

Action items

  • Decide on a work week in late July / August which works for us 3 to carve out some time.   July 30th?  or week after?
  • Finish grooming of all items in Google Sheets by July 11th.
  • Adam put a call-out to any community members interested in Accessibility.