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  1. Action items from the previous meeting
    1. Can we get Brian to do bookmarks?  and handouts?
  2. Text development
  3. Leaflet/bookmark designs
  4. Bags/memory sticks
  5. Stickers!
  6. Connect sessions

Charlotte worked on the text

Monday EOD/COB deadline for review of Google Doc by Charlotte N

Which sections most useful to put in a pamphlet?  - Cast an eye on that - and weigh in- what's most useful?

Stickers - Mark Bussey has the design for the hex sticker - made it available via a steering page 

Mark said he has a bunch already and will be bringing them anyway - 

Connect Sessions - 

Chris will be presenting Marketing WG - 

Giving people a specific link

Charlotte will also poll local folks to provide feedback

Use next session - how we want to move forward/ develop an advocacy strategy

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