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Conference de-brief

As many as possible of the conference organisers, and any members of the Steering Group not directly involved, should get together for a conference de-brief before they go their separate ways. One or more of these people should be tasked with updating these wiki pages in the light of a new year's experience. Alternatively, if there are members of the team who would otherwise miss this de-brief it may be that a call could be scheduled for the week following the event - but it should take place whilst ideas are still fresh in peoples' minds.


Delegate list

The final delegate list, with emails where permission has been given, should be posted to the wiki to help people keep in touch.


Follow-up email

Delegates should be sent a follow-up email after the event thanking them for their attendance and contributions.  The message should include pointers to the conference notes, the delegate list and a reminder of the website URL and mailing lists.


Conference survey

Someone should be tasked with analysing the post-conference survey and circulating the results.  Any "lessons learned" should be fed back into these pages. 



A set of outline accounts should be written up and saved in the "Steering Group Hub" for future reference.  The requirements of dealing with any profit or loss should be addressed. 

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