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  • Applied Linked Data 2017-02-06
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Time: 12:00 AM PST / 3:00 PM EST
Backup Phone Line If Hangout Doesn't Work: 712-775-7035 (Access Code: 960009)

  1. Linked Data Fragments Caching Update
    1. Issue opened:
  2. Resolving string literals in Linked Data Fragments (further demo)
    1. Proposed interface changes:
      1. Question 1: URL variables vs route parameters?
        1. Should the interface be: http://localhost:3000/s/<subject> and http://localhost:3000/q/<query>
          1. If this option, what is the query syntax? For example, to do http://localhost:3000/q/?s ?p ?o, we would need to URL encode those route parameters then. This would make testing in an open browser more complicated.
        2. Or should it be: http://localhost:3000/?s=<subject> and http://localhost:3000/?q=<query>
      2. Question 2: LDF vs SPARQL
        1. A linked data fragment is limited to ?s ?p ?o. I believe from the last reply on that thread, Tom indicates that limitation isn't needed over just exposing a direct SPARQL pass through. So revisiting this discussion.
    2. New examples (getting cleaner syntax):
      1. Starts with "Las":
        1. http://localhost:3000/ldf/?q=?o rdfs:label "^LAs*"&format=ttl

      2. Starts with "LAs":
        1. http://localhost:3000/ldf/?q=?o rdfs:label "^LAs*"&format=ttl

      3. Starts with "LAs" (case insensitive):
        1. http://localhost:3000/ldf/?q=?o rdfs:label "(?i)^LAs*"&format=ttl

      4. Language code example using the previous case:
        1. http://localhost:3000/ldf/?q=?o rdfs:label "(?i)^LAs*"@nl&format=ttl

      5. Exact Match:
        1. http://localhost:3000/ldf/?q=?o rdfs:label "LAs"&format=ttl
        2. http://localhost:3000/ldf/?q=?o rdfs:label "Las Vegas"@en&format=ttl
      6. Get all items that begin with "Bay" or contain a word that starts with "Bay":
        1. http://localhost:3000/ldf/?q=?o rdfs:label "^Bay*"&format=ttl
        2. http://localhost:3000/ldf/?q=?o rdfs:label " Bay*"&format=ttl
      7. Case of Massachusetts uri that contains a string that starts with "Bay":
        1. http://localhost:3000/ldf/?q=<> rdfs:label " Bay*"&format=ttl

      8. Non-rdfs label example:
        1. http://localhost:3000/ldf/?q=?object <> "Commonwealth*"&format=ttl

  3. Supporting Search for QA Integration
  4. Refactor of linked-data-fragments
    1. PRs in progress:
    2. Completed refactor:
  5. Multiple datasets issue:

  6. <Add additional agenda items here>

Next Meeting:  February 20 at 12pst/3est 

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