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  • Applied Linked Data Call 2015-05-14
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  • Steven Anderson (Boston Public Library)
  • James Van Mil  (University of Cincinnati)
    • Launching this Fall with their Hydra Head (Sufia based and hoping to move to Fedora 4 fairly quickly). Interested in Linked Data topics.
  • Corey Harper (New York University)
  • Arwen Hutt (UC San Diego)
Finalize Linked Data Fragments sprint details.    
  • Conclusion is to do it June 8-19th assuming no objections from others not on this call.
    • Would start sprint at Open Repositories. Beyond initial planning / discussions, those there could get together towards the latter half of the conference to do some group coding.
      • James and Steven both open to doing this thus far.
    • Trey likely the lead on starting the repository / codebase?
Broader / Narrower SKOS concepts in an application.
  • Waiting on Trey to do this discussion.

Question on alt-labels: if I just put them all in one multi-valued solr field for searching, do I worry about displaying them when a search result matches it? Or how to handle that?
  • Multi-valued solr field of alt labels weighted as part of search results
  • Do they need to be displayed?
    • Seems the consensus is that they likely don't need to be displayed in the search results. NYU has done with tons of bibliographic records in Primo in the past and had no issues as the user likely will understand the relationship between the alt label and the primary label.
      • No search result highlighting at all in NYU's results. So unsure if one would still potentially highlight the primary term match. (ie. a search for "Beantown" showing "Boston" as the highlighted search result hit).

Continued "Sidecar triplestore" best practice / implementation discussion.
  • No additional questions on it or thoughts on what to do better for that plan.

ActiveFedora issue #778 to Hydra Tech agenda?  
  • Corey will reply to Karen and include Trey on that thread to have them put it on that agenda.
Next Call
  • May 28th at 9:00 AM PST
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