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  • Applied Linked Data Call 2015-07-09
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Linked Data Fragments Sprint Report Back.

  • Trey Pendragon did some coding to allow for a default response of what types of requests one can make in three different serializations.
    • Code to make the actual subject request and cache it still being worked on by Steven Anderson.
    • Code to make this an engine to likely be done next week by James Van Mil
  • Proposal to include Jetty with marmotta configured in the codebase.
    • KriKri already does this and we could likely borrow from that for our implementation.
    • For other caching backends, users would configure and set them up manually. This would mostly be for testing purposes.
  • License issue that was opened on the code?
    • Dedicate to the public domain. CC0 type license. 
    • James will do a pull request for that sometime today.
  • Suggestion to do a short "sprint standup" type of meeting.

Broader / Narrower SKOS concepts in an application.

  • Questions to Trey on how that went postponed to next time.

Next Meeting:

  • Due to Open Repositories, the next meeting will be July 23rd at 9:00 AM PST.


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