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  • Applied Linked Data Call 2015-08-06
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Linked Data Fragments Update:

Information from RDF predicates we are not using:

  • Data model has predicates for every property. Derefernencable. We don't use this info. 
  • Experimental UI Components:
    • Hover tooltips that display meaning in blacklight item level pages
    • Automatically getting the the default label from rdf:label to use when displaying a linked data field.
      • Cached in marmotta and then cached in Rails as marmotta was still too slow to use when generating the form each time.
    • (In Progress) Automatic Facet Groupings
      • Marc Relaters example. Photographer subclass of Contributor. Group them in facets!

"Meta-authority records"

  • Assertions on a remote URI that are done locally! Essentially you have the graph from the remote resource and then a local graph with "overrides".
    • Examples:
      • There is a LoC Author that doesn't have a death date but you know that author had passed on. While you start the process to get that updated, it could take some time for it to occur, so your data suffers in the meantime.
        • Would want to assert the death date locally for that URI until it is updated.
      • There is a preferred label remotely that works great normally. But locally you need a different label for just that record since the one from the linked data source isn't what you think is "good".
        • Would assert a different preferred label locally rather than the one from the remote resource.
      • You have a local regional name for something that will never be part of a proper LoC record. Still want it to point to the LoC record locally for that item.
  • Questions on whether this uses something that is added to LDP? Or becomes just a part of Linked Data Fragments implementation perhaps?
  • Also questions in terms of preservation... those local overrides would then need to be exported separate from Fedora Commons backup as the current plan would be for them to be in Marmotta.
    • Additional backup complexity for smaller institutions along with more complexity when switching out the Linked Data backend solution.

Linked Data Fragments Standup:

  • Will be on Friday, August 14t at 11:00 AM PST / 2:00 PM EST on the same Google Hangouts link.

Next Official Meeting:

  • Next meeting will be August 20th at 9:00 AM PST / Noon EST.


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