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Agenda Suggestions

We are seeking to have all agenda items proposed by end of day Friday March 29th, so we can begin coordinating the schedule.

Example: Topic - Hyrax Roadmap; Would like to hear from: Steve Van Tyle and Tom Johnson; Recommended by Jeremy Friesen; Likely Time Needed - 30 minutes

TopicWould Like to Hear FromRecommended ByLikely Time Needed
Roadmap Council White Paper Discussion - where we are currently???
Mission and Vision for Samvera - where do we want to go from here - including "blue sky" ideas!???
Spring Stand Alone Face to Face Meeting - temperature check???
Should we have "Developer Congress" Annually alongside a community event? If so, which????
Partner Contribution Model???
Samvera Stack TrainingPartnersMaria Whitaker15-30 minutes


  1. Jon Dunn, Indiana University Bloomington
  2. Richard Green, Hull
  3. Rosalyn Metz, Emory University
  4. Karen Cariani, WGBH
  5. Nabeela Jaffer, University of Michigan
  6. John Weise, University of Michigan
  7. Chrissy Rissmeyer, UC Santa Barbara (participating remotely)
  8. Hannah Frost, Stanford University
  9. Michael J. Giarlo, Stanford University
  10. Carolyn Caizzi, Northwestern University 
  11. Maria Whitaker, Indiana University
  12. Glen Horton, University of Cincinnati
  13. Stuart Kenny, Digital Repository of Ireland (participating remotely)
  14. Simeon Warner, Cornell University
  15. Robin Lindley Ruggaber, University of Virginia
  16. Margaret Mellinger, Oregon State University
  17. Jeremy Friesen, University of Notre Dame
  18. Chip Dye, IUPUI
  19. Esmé Cowles, Princeton University
  20. Harriett Green , Washington University in St. Louis
  21. Geoff McGregor , Indiana University

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