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  • Brainstormed list of marketing ideas
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The following is a list of ideas that could be considered for supporting Samvera's marketing activity


  • Internal
    • Institutional managers/senior managers
    • Institutional decision-makers
    • Library colleagues
    • IT colleagues
    • Faculty and students
  • External
    • Non-Samvera sites
      • University and college libraries
      • Media organisations
      • Museums
    • Repository community
    • Library community
    • Funders
    • Open source software community

Marketing materials

  • Documents/text-based
    • Flyer
      • have a small number printed (color) for hand out 
      • produce a pdf for people to print on their own to bring to other events or internal back home
    • Brochure
      • possible to make a 6 panel brochure (1 page) folded so that part of the 2 panel design could also be used as a bookmark
    • Website
      • Case studies
      • Descriptive text
      • FAQ
    • Social media - value, given time needed, questionable
      • Twitter - @samverarepo
        • who is posting on this? responsible for posts?
        • Esme Cowles set this up.  Steering can tweet from the account (via Tweetdeck) currently
      • Facebook?
      • Instagram?
      • Other?
    • Logo / caption
      • tagline for printed pieces
    • powerpoint template with logo and color scheme
      • also set of standard slides about Samvera

  • Bumpf (see vendor list for suppliers)
    • Hex stickers
      • Other stickers?
      • DCE has the design patterns
    • Bookmarks
    • Bags
      • light weight reusable grocery bag ( small foldable)
      • tote like bag
      • freezer bag
      • lunch boxy bag
    • Memory sticks
    • Luggage tag
    • T-shirts
      • These are arranged through Stanford currently

Marketing messages

(See also the Draft content for questions we are asked and responses to these)

  • What Samvera is
  • Why use Samvera
  • Examples of how it's in use, what people do with it, why Spotlight instead of Omeka, etc.
  • What Samvera can do (for them)
  • What Samvera has done (for those using it)
  • How Samvera works (and how you can take part)
    • Technology
    • Community
  • Who is behind Samvera? - spotlights on people in the community, in different roles, from different institution flavors

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