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  • Address issues with regard to documentation within the community.
  • Decide on some actionable items to take to the larger community which may help to alleviate issues surrounding documentation.


  • vs. confluence vs. github
  • documentation being out of date
  • paths to appropriate documentation channels for specific audiences
  • docs can save incredible amounts of time
  • treat documentation like code
  • exploration of doing pull requests for documentation
  • policy: gem releases include a snapshot of github wiki
  • "good for newbies" tag is helpful
  • mark can propose on hydra call what best practices we come up with
  • some documentation lives in gem's readme.txt/md
  • is readme.txt/md production only? does release tagged code come with production documentation?
  • can we keep docs near code?
  • if you don't know what you're looking for, doc/answer could be in one of many different areas.
  • silversurfer could take a long time to search docs, and only if you know exactly what you're looking for.
  • can documentation be compiled up from code/readme into a higher level? can it be automated?
  • cannot issue pull request to change documentation code. answer is probably to edit doc to include the question / issue.
  • can questions / issues for documentation be tagged?
  • what is the best way to bring issues on documentation to the community? email? tagging in github repo documentation?
  • no feasible way to tag documentation inline (color code, etc) with documentation questions / issues.
  • dce borrows "Dive Into Hydra" documentation format from "Rails Bridge"
  • what can we report back? lessons from Heidi?
  • coders use testing frameworks to automate testing. documentation maintenance is huge. how can we automate portions of documentation writing? "Review" is a bad word. "Testing" is a good word for evaluation documentation quality.
  • Is there a way to time-expire things on Confluence?
  • Is there a way in github wiki to find all pages that link to a page?
  • what are the bit-sized or manageable pieces that we can get tangible solutions for?
  • kill an out-of-date page and recieve a bounty?
  • how to invite newbies to knowledge based projects -> Sumana Harihareswara
  • slack vs. IRC