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  • Documentation Effort - interviews and reorganization of site
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Use of Ryan's time

  • Explore hiring someone one or two people with the skills to restructure jekyll theme and redesign organization of the documentation.
  • Coordinate a pilot of small scale documentation sprint.
    • Documentation approaches
      • Option 1:  Documentor interviews a domain expert.
      • Option 2:  Domain expert does a brain dump in writing.  Documentor refines this and asks more questions through email/slack to add details and refine writing.
      • Option 3:  Documentation webinar interview with all participants being able to ask clarifying questions.  Provide some questions ahead of time.
      • Option 4:  Documentor creates questionnaire to send to domain expert.
      • Option 5:  New developer creates documentation as they think it works and then the domain expert helps to refine it until correct.
    • Coordination
      • identify experts
      • identify documentors
      • identify topics
        • Running in production - (Experts: Bess Sadler, Interviewer:  - Option 3)
        • What happens when... I Search for Something (Expert: Jonathan Dixon, Interviewer:  - Option 2)
        • Patterns - Presenters (Expert: Adam Wead, Interviewer:  - Option 4)
        • Patterns - Actors (Expert: Tom Johnson, Interviewer: Jenn - Option 1) Email Questions on Actor Stack
        • What happens when... I Index Something (Expert: Justin Coyne, Interviewer: LaRita - Option 5)
      • help coordinate timing of documentation effort

Action Items: Ryan to coordinate pilot and contacting experts and interviewers.

Use of Financial Support

  • restructure jekyll theme especially for left hand menu structure, addressing versioning across multiple gems, generalized organization of the site
  • redesign the organization of the documentation especially on how to organize versioning across multiple gems

Action Items: How to locate someone with the skills?  Potentially reach out to our current theme author. (5 hours of Ryan's time for initial exploration)

Action Items: Read out to Write the Docs community for organization question

More possibilities at previous meeting brain storming.

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