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For Partner meetings agendas and notes, see Samvera Partner Meetings

See also Related Conferences for a list of other conferences taking place where a Samvera presence might be desirable (and/or to avoid scheduling conflicts)

Forthcoming Events

One or more members of the Samvera core team will be attending the following events. Events listed with the Samvera icon are organised by or on behalf of Samvera, those labelled were organized by or on behalf of Hydra.

Fedora and Samvera Camp

4-8 September | University of Oxford, UK

DuraSpace and Data Curation Experts are holding a Fedora and Hydra Camp at Oxford University, Sept 4 - 8, 2017. The camp will be hosted by Oxford University, Oxford, UK and is supported by Jisc.

Training begins with the basics and build toward more advanced concepts–no prior Fedora or Samvera (previously called Hydra) experience is required. Participants can expect to come away with a deep dive Fedora and Samvera learning experience coupled with multiple opportunities for applying hands-on techniques working with experienced trainers from both communities.

Registration is limited to the first 40 applicants so register here soon

Samvera Connect 2017

6-9 November 2017 | Evanston, IL

Samvera Connect is a chance for Samvera Project participants to gather in one place at one time, with an emphasis on synchronizing efforts, technical development, plans, and community links. The meeting program is aimed at existing users, managers and developers and at new folks who may be just "kicking the tires" on Samvera and who want to know more. Samvera advertises this yearly conference with the slogan "as a Samvera Partner or user, if you can only make it to one Samvera meeting this academic year,  this is the one to attend! "

Past events (with presentations if available)

Samvera European Regional Group

27 July 2017 | LSE, London

Samvera Virtual Connect 2017

18 July 2017 | Online

Open Repositories 2017

26-29 June 2017 | Brisbane, Australia

Advanced Hydra Camp

8-10 May 2017 | Minneapolis, MN

Hydra Camp

17-20 April 2017 | Emory University 

Hydra Developers' congress

30-31 March 2017 | Stanford University 

Hydra Partner meeting

30-31 March 2017 | Stanford University


Invitation-only event

27-29 March 2017 | Stanford University

West Coast Regional Meeting

10 February 2017 | UC Santa Cruz

Hydra Connect 2016

3-6 October 2016 | Boston, MA

Penn State developer event  

19-23 September 2016  | State College, PA

  Archivematica Camp

24-26 August 2016 | University of Michigan School of Information

  Hydra Virtual Connect 2016  

7 July 2016 | On-line: full details at the link above

Open Repositories 2016

13-16 June, 2016 | Dublin, Ireland
Annual open source conference for the repository community  

Hydra Developers' congress

 May 2016 | University of Michigan. Ann Arbor

Hydra Developers' congress

  24-25 March 2016 | Stanford University 

Hydra Power Steering meeting

Invitation-only event
24-25 March 2016 | Stanford University 


Invitation-only event
21-23 March 2016 | Stanford University

West Coast Regional Meeting

26 February 2016 | UCSB


Hydra Camp

22-25 February 2016 | UCSB 


Hydra Developers' congress

  3-5 February 2016 | UCSD

Hydra Connect 2015

21-24 September, 2015 | Minneapolis, Minnesota

Open Repositories 2015

8-11 June, 2015 | Indianapolis, Indiana
Annual open source conference for the repository community 
List of Hydra-related presentations etc at OR2015 

Hydra Northeast (US) Regional Meeting

7 May 2015 | Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island

Hydra Europe Symposium 2015

23-24 April 2015 | London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), London

Hydra Camp London

20-23 April 2015 | London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), London

Hydra Developers' congress

26-27 March 2015 | Stanford University 

Hydra Power Steering meeting

Invitation-only event
26-27 March 2015 | Stanford University 

Invitation-only event
23-25 March 2015 | Stanford University

Hydra: many heads, many connections. Enriching Fedora Repositories with ORCID (slides and recording)

2 April 2015 | Duraspace Hot Topics Series: Integrating ORCID Persistent Identifiers with DSpace, Fedora and VIVO

Advanced Blacklight Workshop

13 March 2015 | Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut

Hydra Camp

9-12 March 2015 | Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut

Post-Code4Lib Hydra Developers' meeting

12-13 February 2015 | UoPDX Library, Portland, Oregon


9-12 February 2015 | Portland Hilton (Portland, OR)

    1. RailsBridge (Carolyn Cole)
    2. Intro to Blacklight (Justin Coyne, Mark Bussey, Jessie Keck)
    3. GeoHydra / GeoBlacklight (Jack Reed, Darren Hardy, Bess Sadler)
    4. Dive into Hydra (Possibly with a focus on installing Worthwhile) (Justin Coyne, Mark Bussey, Bess Sadler)
    5. Orienting newcomers and/or Q&A - possible times
10th International Digital Curation Conference (IDCC)

9-12 February 2015 | Royal College of General Practitioners, 30 Euston Square (London, UK)

a. Meeting institutional needs for digital curation through shared endeavour: the application of Hydra/Fedora at the University of Hull (Chris Awre)

CNI Fall Member Meeting

8-9 December 2014 | Washington DC


DLF Forum 2014

27-29 October 2014 | Atlanta, Georgia

There is a wealth of Hydra and Hydra-related content at DLF this year. If you won't be able to make it to Hydra Connect 2 (Cleveland, Sept 30-Oct 2), or if you want to carry on the conversation with the broader community, you should consider booking early to DLF; they tend to fill up relatively early.

Hydra UK Regional meeting

22 October 2014 | London School of Economics and Political Science

AMIA 2014

8-11 October 2014 | Savannah, Georgia
Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA) annual conference

Hydra Connect #2 -

30 September - 3 October 2014 | Case Western University, Cleveland, Ohio
Annual gathering of the Hydra Community - 4 days including workshops, plenary and breakout sessions

Innovatics conference

27-29 August 2014 | Santiago and Valparaiso, Chile
Dive into Hydra workshop (in Spanish) as part of Innovatics conference
Keynote speaker (Bess Sadler) 

Hydra Camp -

 26-29 August 2014 | Princeton, New Jersey

Four day Hydra Developer training class - syllabus

Open Repositories 2014

9-13 June, 2014 | Helsinki, Finland
Annual open source conference for the repository community.  See below the list of Hydra-related talks accepted, with timings and links to abstracts on the OR2014 conference website.


  • WK1A and WK2A: GIS in Digital Repositories, 9th June, 9:00am-5:00pm - Abstract
  • WK1G: Introduction to Hydra for Developers, 9th June, 9:00-12:30 - Abstract
  • WK2E: DevOps for Digital Libraries, 9th June, 1:30-5:00 - Abstract
  • WK2F: Implementing RDF metadata in Hydra, 9th June, 1:30-5:00 - Abstract
  • WK3B: Hydra for Managers, 9th June, 5:30-7:00 - Abstract

OR2014 Plenary

  • P3C: Self-deposit, discovery, and delivery of scientific datasets using GeoHydra, 10th June, 3:00-4:15 - Abstract
  • P4A: Spotlight: A Blacklight Plugin for Showcasing Digital Collections, 11th June, 11:15-12:30 - Abstract
  • P4A: Hacking User Experience in a Repository Service: ScholarSphere as a Case Study, 11 June, 11:15-12:30 - Abstract
  • P4B: Distributed Repositories of Medieval Calendars and Crowd-Sourcing of Transcription, 11 June 11:15-12:30 - Abstract
  • P4B: From Local Practice to Linked Open Data: Rethinking Metadata in Hydra, 11 June, 11:15-12:30 - Abstract
  • P4C: Building Successful, Open Repository Software Ecosystems: Technology and Community, 11th June, 11:15-12:30 - Abstract
  • P7A: Building the ‘Digital’ Library: Routes to Managing our Institutional Digital Learning, Teaching and Research Assets Together, 12th June, 11:15-12:30 - Abstract
  • P7A: From library repository to university-wide service: Stanford Digital Repository as a case study, 12th June, 11:15-12:30 - Abstract
  • P7C: Leveraging Agile & Resourcing for Success - Hydramata, Avalon, Fedora 4 and Islandora (panel), 12th June, 11:15-12:30- Abstract
  • P8A: Audio and Video Repositories at Scale: Indiana University’s Media Digitization and Preservation Initiative, 12th June, 1:30-2:20 - Abstract
  • P8B: Sustaining your open source project through training: a Hydra case study, 12th June, 1:30-2:20 - Abstract
  • P8B: Hydramata: Building a Nimble Solution with Hydra to Transcend the Institutional Repository, 12th June, 1:30-2:20 - Abstract  

Fedora Interest Group

  • IG3A (Fedora/Hydra): Facing the Hydra alone: three case studies, 13th June, 11:15-12:30 - Abstract
  • IG3A (Fedora/Hydra): Extending the Hydra Head to Create a Pluggable, Extensible Architecture: Diving into the Technology of Hydramata, 13th June, 11:15-12:30 - Abstract  
  • IG3A (Fedora/Hydra): Issues with Fedora & Hydra, experiences from a research-data-driven implementation, 13th June, 11:15-12:30  Abstract
  • IG4A (Fedora): Avalon Media System project update: a Hydra solution for digital audio and video access. 13th June, 1.30-2.45 - Abstract

Posters and Demonstrations - 10th June, 6:30-9:00 - Abstracts

  • Hydra Europe
  • Avalon Media System demonstration 


ORCID Outreach and CodeFest Meeting

21-22 May 2014 | Chicago
Outreach meeting for customers, ORCID members, and researchers highlighting solutions and adoption strategies.  

Hydra Camp -

6-9 May | Minneapolis
Four day Hydra developer training   

Hydra Developers Congress -

24-25 April 2014 | Stanford University
Two day in-person Hydra Developer coding fest  

Hydra "Power" Steering meeting - invitation only -

24-25 April 2014 | Stanford University
Two day strategic planning event - Hydra Steering Group and Invited advisers only  

LAMDevConX - invitation only

21-23 April 2014 | Stanford University
Library, Archive, and Museum technical summit - invitation only event  

European Hydra Camp -

8-11 April 2014 | Trinity College Dublin
Four day Hydra developer training course  

European Hydra Symposium

7-8 April 2014 | Trinity College Dublin
European Hydra symposium to introduce prospective users to Hydra
Hydra Europe Symposium - agenda and presentations 


Code4Lib 2014

24 - 27 March |  Raleigh, NC
Annual grassroots library technologist conference in the US

Pre-conference workshops:

Scheduled talks:

ORCID Dev Congress

4-7 March 2014 | Chicago Dev House
ORCID and Hydra Plug-in integration Adopter and Contributor Dev Meeting to jump start adoption

Hydra Connect January 2014

21-24 January 2014 | UCSD, San Diego

Hydra Connect January 2014

CNI Fall 2013

9-10 Dec 2013 | Washington, DC

DLF 2013

4-6 Nov 2013 | Austin, TX

Hydra Activities at DLF2013

EOD Conference

17-18 October 2013 | National Library of Technology, Prague, Czech Republic

From content silos to an integrated digital library (Royal Library project presentation, including slides about Hydra)


1-4 October 2013 | Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH

HydraCamp Syllabus - Fall 2013

DARIAH General VCC Meeting

5-6 September 2013 | Copenhagen, Denmark

Using Hydra/Fedora for digital library infrastructure (5 minutes presentation)

OR13 Conference

7-13 July 2013 | Prince Edward Island, Canada

Hydra Activities at OR13


19-21 June 2013 | University of Geneva, Switzerland

Hydra Camp

8-12 April 2013 | Dublin


25-27 March 2013 | Stanford

Code4Lib 2013

February 11-14 | Chicago, IL

Hydra UK

22 November 2012, LSE, London

Hydra Webinar Series - Fall, 2012
OR12 Conference


9-13 July 2012, Edinburgh – Schedule of Hydra Events at OR12 in Edinburgh


26-28 March 2012, Stanford

CNI 2011

December 12 - 13, 2011 | Arlington, VA
Hydra: One Body, Many Heads for Repository-Powered Library Applications

DLF 2011 Forum

31 Oct - 1 November, 2011 | Baltimore
Hypatia Proposal, Powerpoint

OR11 Conference

7-11 June 2011 | Austin

Main conference presentation

Fedora track 24/7 block:

Fedora track: Tools and integration

  • Hydra technical deep-dive: Matt Zumwalt

Hydra-related presentations


21 - 23 March 2011 | Stanford University

Code4Lib 2011

7-10 February, 2011 | Bloomington, Indiana
Related Presentations:

Fedora UK & Ireland group meeting

13 December 2010 | London School of Economics and Political Science

DLF Fall Forum

1-3 November 2010 | Palo Alto, CA
Tom Cramer & Matt Zumwalt's presentation

Hydra Camp

4-8 October 2010 | Minneapolis

Repository Fringe

September 2010 | Edinburgh
Presentation: Hydra - Chris Awre (Video)

OR10 Conference

6-9 July 2010 | Madrid
Related Presentations:
Hydra: a technical and community framework for customised, shared repository applications
Blacklight: Levaraging a Rich Discovery Interface in Open Repository Architectures


23 - 25 March 2010 | Stanford University

Fedora UK & Ireland User Group, Fedora EU User Group

8 December 2009 | Oxford

Fedora UK & Ireland User Group

9 June 2009 | Dublin, Republic of Ireland

OR09 Conference

18-21 May 2009 | Atlanta, GA

Published articles

DLF Community Spotlight - November 8, 2013
DLF Community Spotlight - October 2, 2013
D-Lib May/June 2009
Ariadne April 2009

What Is Hydra? - Presentations


Related Conferences

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