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  • Hydra Geospatial - 16 February 2017
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  • 1pm Eastern / 10am Pacific. Dial +1 (641) 715 3660, room 651025#

  • Agenda
    • Notetaker? Kim
    • Attendees:
      Darren HardyEliot JordanTom BrittnacherNikitas TampakisKim Durante, Joshua Dull, Sophia Linn, 

    • Announcements:
    • GIS Data Modeling WG
      • Update: WG meets next Tuesday 2/21.
      • Group will decide on a Sunset date
      • Any follow-on WG? Index maps? Atlases?
      • GeoConcerns needs to be reconfigured to work with Hyrax
      • Plugins WG - created by A. Myers from WGBH. 
                              Looking at recommendations for plugins to make it easier to interact with other existing software. (incl. GeoConcerns)
                              WG will be sunsetted in 2 months.

    • What other WG might we charter?
      • Geospatial linked data/GeoPredicates WG - Several members have expressed interest in participating.
      • UI Issues - Index maps, Hierarchical relationships (sets, collections)
    • Geo-repository survey
    • Geo4LibCamp take-aways
    • Meeting frequency and video conferencing? (i.e., BlueJeans?)
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