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  • Hydra Newspapers Interest Group Call: 2017-03-02
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Time: 1:00 PM EST / 10:00 AM PST

Call-In Info: 712-775-7035 (Access Code: 960009)

Moderator:  Eben English (Boston Public Library)

Notetaker: TBD (Etherpad link:



  1. PCDM discussion continued
    1. Examples:
      1. U. of Maryland:
      2. Nat'l Library of Wales:  PCDM Mapping for Welsh Newspapers (NLW)
    2. connecting Article objects to Pages
      1. discussion of use of pcdm:Range as model for an article
      2. question is what would its members be: FileSets or Objects? We assume that the pcdm:Range knows everything necessary to generate the iiif:Range.
    3. need official PCDM profile approvied by the Newspapers IG, using template created by Stanford
      1. Eben will send link, hope to get volunteers to take this on
    4. brief discussion of role of IIIF Canvas
      1. case of two-up layout in magazines (where e.g. image or headline spans the pages, and therefore they need to be viewed together) - where the single page is a subclass of the two-up layout - could be handled similarly to IIIF viewing hints?
      2. This is part of general pattern where exceptions to the bound-book page model come up more often than in the monograph case, and we can expect to have to deal with a variety of exceptions, to enable client software to reassemble the original layout in these special cases

  2. List of requirements: Features & Requirements
    1. people should continue to add features and indications of interest
    2. note: interest means interest in having the feature, not volunteering to develop it

  3. Intel sharing from other groups
    1. Hydra rebranding exercise: encourage everyone to put in suggestions

  4. Next meeting: Thursday April 6, 1 PM EST
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