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  • Hydra UX call - 2 April 2015
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On the call:

  • Mark Notess (host), Indiana University
  • Patricia Hswe, Penn State
  • Jenn, Cornell University
  • John Kratz, California Digital Library
  • Tracy MacMath, Yale University
  • Cynthia Ramlo, Indiana University

Agenda and Notes

DISCUSSION: Sharing what we are currently working on to encourage common UX solutions

Mark: IU & NU received a Mellon Grant to continue work on Avalon. Part of this grant will provide for user experience research and user needs analysis to learn more about how researchers in various disciplines use time-based media.

Jenn: Continuing work on DLF migration for the Law Library. Developing one SOLR core wtih multiple collections with brand switching based upon collection. Shared this work with the group. Currently working on how to provide search results for book and page level to the user.

John: Working on wireframes for deposit workflow. Would like to share them in a future meeting. 

Patricia: Working on metadata display in ScholarSphere and preparing for their forthcoming Hydra Code Sprint in May. 

Tracy: Last month Yale hosted Hydra Camp. Currently, finishing up some projects including digitizing collections with many objects. Shared an example of a collection with facets as well as navigation in a sidebar that permits drilling down in to the collection. 

Cynthia: Shared the work she is doing on the display of structural metadata in Avalon and touched upon some of the influences upon the UI. 

Suggestions for Future Topics

Discussion of ways to simplify user interfaces for ingest and discovery. 

Next call

The next call will be on Thursday May 7th.  Ideas are always welcome for future topics.  

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