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Please add your name to slots below if you are willing to help "staff" the Hydra table during breaks at OR2015.  Thanks!


 Volunteer #1Volunteer #2Volunteer#3
Tuesday 6/09   
Breakfast (08:15-09:00)Declan FlemingJulie Rudder 
Morning break (10:30-11:00)Hannah FrostMike GiarloMark Matienzo
Lunch (1:10-1:30)Karen CarianiMark BusseyAlicia Morris
Afternoon break (3:00-3:30)Mike GiarloMark Matienzo 
Wednesday 6/10   
Breakfast (08:15-09:00)Steven AndersonJim Tuttle 
Morning break (10:00-10:30)Robin RuggaberKaren CarianiPatricia Hswe
Lunch (1:10-1:30)Mike GiarloMark Bussey 
Afternoon break (3:30-4:00)Karen EstlundHannah FrostJon Stroop
Thursday 6/11   
Breakfast (08:15-09:00)Robin RuggaberMark BusseyDebs Cane
Morning break (10:00-10:15)Hannah FrostMike GiarloSteve DiDomenico
Morning break (10:45-11:00)Mike GiarloJon Stroop 
Lunch (1:10-1:30)Linda NewmanJon Stroop 
Afternoon break (3:00-3:30)Adam WeadPatricia HsweMike Giarlo
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