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VerticalDescriptionWho Wants This?Who Will Work on This?Who is Already Working on this?
Archival managementManagement of archival assets for preservation and accessPenn State, Hull, Indiana, UVa, Royal LibraryStanford, Royal Library
Penn State, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Royal Library
Image collectionsManagement of image assets for preservation and accessPenn State, Hull, Stanford, UCSD, Royal LibraryRoyal LibraryNorthwestern, Oregon, UCSD, Royal Library
Institutional repositoryDeposit, management, and dissemination of scholarly works and dataPenn State, Hull, UVa, Royal LibraryIndiana, UVaPenn State, Stanford, Hull, Notre Dame, Northwestern, UVa
Time-based mediaManagement of time-based media for preservation and accessWGBH, RRHOF, UCSD, UVaStanford, UVaIndiana, Northwestern, WGBH, RRHOF, UCSD
ExhibitsExhibit and publication of collections and archivesNorthwestern, UCSD, Royal LibraryUCSD, Royal LibraryStanford
Research data collectionsManagement of research data (possibly as a separate issue to IR)Hull, Northwestern, UCSD, UVa, Royal LibraryIndianaHull, Stanford, UCSD, UVa



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