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  • June 8, 2017 PSMIG Meeting
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Leah Vanderjagt
Ellen Ramsey
Chris Diaz
Sherry Lake
Shannon Davis
Julie Rudder
Nabeela Jaffer

Meeting Notes:

  • Update on Governance WG 
    • Leah shared the update from the community governance WG, which was formed after the Hydra partners meeting in March at Stanford. 
    • The group came up with the RACI matrix depicting the most Accountability and Responsibility lies among the developers group
    • There are on-going discussions about what would be the best model going forward to sustain the code development while having governance 
  • Proposal to start a new IG for repo managers or combine with this group into more broader scope of Project+Repo+Service Managers
    • Julie and Leah shared the concern that there is no one 'place' to discuss user stories and feature updates with the community
    • Sherry: It would be good to have one place where every institution can document what EXTRA features they have implemented in their local repo
    • There was mutual consensus that it  would be good to have a place to share information and ask questions about each institutions' user stories
    • Mostly everyone agreed it would be good to broaden the scope of PSMIG to RPSMIG (inclusive to  repo managers). 
      • Julie and Leah will co-chair along with Nabeela and Amy
    • Action Items: 
      • Julie has already created a slack channel and will invite all of us to that channel (done)
      • We will discuss the name of the new group in the slack channel and then send the message to Samvera community groups
      • Leah and Nabeela will work on defining 'one place' where institutions can document their local implementation of EXTRA features


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