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If you are interested in giving a five-minute lightning talk at Hydra Connect, please add your suggestion to the list below.  The HC2015 Program Committee have allocated 16 slots during the morning of Wednesday 23rd September and, closer to the time, they will allocate talks to slots and let speakers know the outcome of that process.

Name of SpeakerContact email addressTitle of lightning talkIntended audience
(developers, managers, ops, any)

Kaltura Video: Stream-lining integration into a Hydra Head

Chris Colvardchris.colvard@gmail.comActiveEncode: Towards an encoding backend agnostic Avalon (Presentation)Developers
Jeremy Friesenjfriesen@nd.eduAccepting Application Ownership: Things that we can do to better own our applicationsAny
BArmintorarmintor@gmail.comElaborating Time-based Media Presentation for Oral HistoriesAny
Steven Hydra: A Very Brief Introduction to ByeBugDevelopers
Eben English, Steven, sanderson@bpl.orgGetting Geospatial with Blacklight-Maps and GeomashAny
Darren Hardydrh@stanford.eduGeoHydra: Accessioning geospatial content into a Hydra repositoryAny
Justin Coynejustin@curationexperts.comIndexers and Presenters and Forms! Oh my!Developers
Katherine Lynchkatherine.lynch@temple.eduPassthrough Workflow: adding non-standard metadata sources to an OAI-PMH repository for DPLA Service HubsAny
James Griffin
John Huck
Modeling Geospatial Data in Hydra Using GeoConcerns (Google Presentation)Any
Chris UK update (presentation)Any
Jeremy Morsejgmorse@umich.eduHydra as a Publishing PlatformAny
Anusha researchers credit for their data - project overview and call for participation (presentation)Any
Mike Giarlomichael.giarlo@gmail.comState of the Sufia: Usage survey resultsAny
Andrew Myersafredmyers@gmail.comAmerican Archive of Public Broadcasting - Blacklight app + lightweight cms + AWSDevelopers

CurateND and the Open Science Framework: Getting Data Preservation in Front of the Research Data Lifecycle (presentation)

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