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  • MODS and RDF Call: 2018-07-09
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Time: 9 AM PDT / Noon EDT

Call-In Info:  712-775-7035 (Access Code: 960009)


Moderator: Eben English

Notetaker: TBD (Etherpad:


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Agenda (with notes)

  1. Feedback Form Responses

  2. Email Responses
    2. Eben responded to earlier email from Kirk Hess from LoC via email. Sent links to blank nodes documentation in Fedora and exploring alternatives to BIBO. We are also exploring ways to request new predicates.
  3. Comments on Recommendations document
    1. mods:title – Hebrew language tag
      1. Eben thinks these are valid/correct comments and it would be worth changing as suggested.
      2. Julie points out that with MODS we generally start with ISO-639 2 (3-letter codes) rather than 639 1 (with 2 letters), so it might be easier to start from the 3-letter codes rather than dropping to the 2-letter, as long as we're starting from something that is ISO 639.
      3. Eben agrees, so made only a subset of changes in both simple and complex mapping.
      4. For reference, see:



    2. mods:name
      1. Specific order not preserved in RDF. Julie suggests we could add a note to introductory paragraph to explain the loss. Agreed to add to overview on p. 11 (Julie will add and resolve comment).
    3. mods:relatedItem – simple mapping recommendation
      1. Comments suggest we should strongly recommend minted object pattern. Eben responded that, while we agree with that, we felt we needed to keep simple options, but that we would consider adding language to introduction. Upon consideration, we don't feel like we can make such a recommendation because we can't expect that users would have the systems in place to do minted object work. So left as is.
    4. mods:originInfo – use of Relator terms
      1. Comment (example 3) seems related to the @eventType="manufacture" -- makes sense to change to LoC relator codes (relators:mfp and relators:mfr).

      2. We could leave dcterms:publisher as is. Mixing vocabularies creates more complexity, but worth it to continue using as many widely used vocabularies as possible. Could potentially use relator terms for distributor/place, producer, but ONLY if @eventType is specified.

      3. In the end, decided to put relator term for publisher in example 3 and leave it up to users to determine which implementation works best for them (dcterms:publisher vs. relator term).

      4. Eben will fix and resolve. May also need to fix complex mapping.

      5. Must add LoC relator predicates to table

  4. BIBO predicates
    1. Status of project
      1. Eben sent query regarding status, no response yet. Will let us know if he gets one.
    2. Simon found alternatives to BIBO - - discuss at next meeting.
    3. Replacements for:
      1. bibo:issue
      2. bibo:edition
      3. bibo:volume
      4. bibo:presentedAt
    4. Emory has need of a few more granular predicates. If others have that need, it could be added to recommendations. Otherwise, they can implement locally. Unclear if we should recommend this. For now, this is likely something we will leave as is and, after they work out how to do this at Emory, they could write about their experience. Circle back to this issue next meeting.

  5. Proposal for Samvera Connect session
    1. Eben will put something together to send our for discussion at our next meeting.

  6. Next meeting:
    1. Monday July 23

Action Items

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