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  • Meeting Minutes 2018-04-06
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Attendees:  Jeremy FriesenLaRita RobinsonMaria WhitakerEmily PorterJon CameronJennifer SmithJulie Rudder

Absent: Noah BotimerCollin Brittle


  1. Roll call
  2. Call for additional agenda items
    1. Nope
  3. Review previous action items
    1. 2018-03-16 Meeting
    2. Non-standard entities summary from Meeting Minutes 2018-03-16
      1. Reconcile what was done in collection extensions and what other types of entities do not exist
      2. What are current possibilities of collections as it relates to play-lists
      3. From the non-standard work, added entries to the spreadsheet
    3. Use case entries (spreadsheet)
      1. IU audited current use cases and added, teased out some use cases are not permission related (e.g. derivative playback quality option for an end-user player)
      2. Emory to perform a final audit
      3. Sadie Roosa of WGBH added use cases, Maria Whitaker asked WGBH to review the other use cases and checkmark the applicable use cases.
      4. It appears that there are minimal dupes

Action Items:

    1. Jeremy Friesen will schedule next meeting for 2018-04-20
    2. Emily Porter will audit to ensure that Emory use cases are accounted for (due by 2018-04-11) - hand off to Maria Whitaker
    3. Maria Whitaker and Julie Rudder note possible dupes and de-dupe the records (due 2018-04-13) - hand off to Jon
    4. Normalize and distilled into boiled down cases - Jon Cameron and LaRita Robinson

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