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  • Meeting Minutes 2018-05-18
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Attendees: Jeremy FriesenLaRita RobinsonJon CameronMaria WhitakerNoah Botimer, Collin Brittle


  1. Roll call
  2. Call for additional agenda items
  3. Review previous action items
    1. 2018-04-20 Meeting
  4. Review Permission Matrix
    1. Walked through the Permission Matrix (further documentation forthcoming)
    2. Discussed need to isolate actions, are the actions granular enough for configuration use cases
    3. Continue to affirm that we are looking for configurable permissions (each installation could name a set of roles and grant permission to the varied actions)
    4. Discussed need for IP related permissions and machine related permissions
      1. A person accessing the site from one IP could have different permissions from a user accessing it from another site
  5. Establish next steps and action items

Action Items:


Permissions Objects Hierarchy

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