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  • Metadata Call 2017-04-25
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Time: 3:00pm-4:00pm Eastern

Call-In Info: +1 (641) 715 3660, access code 651025 

Moderator: Ruth K Tillman and Julie Hardesty


    • Attendees:

      • Ruth Tillman, University of Notre Dame

      • Julie Hardesty, Indiana University

      • Arwen Hutt, UCSD

      • Irene Taylor, Washington Univ. in St. Louis

      • Julie Allinson, University of London

      • Ryan Johnson, UCSD

      • Emily Porter, Emory Univ

      • Andy Weidner, University of Houston

      • Emily Stenberg, Washington Univ. in St. Louis

      • Julia Simic, University of Oregon

      • Sarah Seymore, University of Oregon

      • Kate Gerrity, Amherst College

    • Subgroup Reports

      • MODS and RDF Descriptive Metadata Subgroup

        • Working on wrapping up the work they’ve been doing. Switched to monthly meetings. Taking collaboration documents they’ve been doing and working to make these more readable. Shaping up the spreadsheets to make them more easily digestible. Hoping to wrap up the work.

        • Writing up some of the backstory on use cases and rationale. It wasn’t possible to map all MODS elements and attributes, so explanations of what was chosen and why as a more text-oriented bit.

      • URI Selection Working Group

        • First meeting set up what they’ll be doing but not much to report on.

    • Issues/Questions

    • Topics

      • Hydra Models - Julie Allinson

        • Presenting some work on models and seeking of feedback on the potential for community effort and the fit with other areas of work.

        • See these wiki pages for an outline.

        • Offers ready models to use across Hyrax apps

        • Mix and match metadata properties you want into a model that you want to use

        • People, concepts, orgs - if those are values needed, how to handle those connections

          • Created models, QA support, custom indexing

          • Creator that is another object in repository can be added to pick list for editing and indexing for search and discovery

        • Still to do - if URI is RDF resource from somewhere else, how do we bring that in?

        • How to use gem in Hyrax app

        • Can use this for testing things like rights recommendations or other work that HMIG is considering

        • Is this useful for folks? YES (from Julie), YES? (from Ruth)

        • UND looking at how to set up object models and local authorities - this could be useful for testing that

        • Can build app with gem and then there’s manual work to set up models

        • Stand this up and try for a demo sometime this summer

        • Are people doing this modeling work in other ways?

          • #metadata channel started conversation

          • Not really creating objects as models within repos

          • UCSD is including authority as part of model and standalone objects in db

          • Put out call for authorities modeling examples for next month’s HMIG meeting

      • Hydra Metadata Documentation Project

        • Can add models you are working with to wiki

        • Expanding on Tom Johnson’s model

        • Christina Harlow’s proposal -

          • Not part of Hyrax codebase yet

        • Still need effort to fill in documentation for older models being used

        • Possible interest in seeing comparison’s like the Avalon/Hyrax/MODS & RDF from other applications or institutional implementations

          • Gather together to identify gaps

          • Put out call on hydra listservs/slack

            • Different work types, defining field names

            • Ask about what models people want (theses are probably high on list so maybe start with that)

    Responding to metadata questions from devs on Github - the "metadataists" group.

    • PR question popped up on Slack re: license vs rights spawned this topic

    • How to join Metadataists:

      • Ask to join the Project Hydra Labs group by messaging one of the admins.

      • Once you're a member of Project Hydra Labs, visit the metadataists team page and request to join.

    • Informing from other Hydra IG/WG

      • Applied Linked Data - being reformed; meeting monthly; mostly housekeeping - notes

      • PCDM

      • UX

      • Preservation/Archivists

      • Architecture

      • Geospatial/GIS

      • Plugins

      • Hydra Virtual Connect - planning now, Christina Harlow presenting on practical metadata migration to Hyrax

    • Demos

      • April Demo

      • Demo ideas for May/Summer?

        • Trying out Julie Allinson’s gem for adding new models and authorities to a Hyrax app

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