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This page was created to manage a central location for requests to the Metadata Interest Group. The Metadata Interest Group will review at each call and determine action and work groups if needed.

Requests for work by the Metadata Interest Group

Date RequestedRequestUse caseSupporting information

Request made by/

Contact info

Working Group
2016-12-10Best practices for visualizing metadata

Digital Commons Network sunburst for discovery


Metadata fingerprints to optimize metadata assignation

 Silvia Gutiérrez

Sufia User Interface Working Group

2016-02-09Best practices for deciding on ontologies to use/filling ontology needs Samvera GIS Data Modeling Working Group ontology needsLooking at GeoRSS, W3C Basic Geo vocab, and GeoJSON but not finding complete coverage; GeoRSS could be used but needs an RDF expressionJames Griffin III 
2015-10-07Best practices for hosting Samvera-specific vocabs - ?; Boston Public Library (and other institutions) already using opaquenamespace for local controlled vocabsRelated to Best Practices for minting new URIsSamvera developersURI Management Working Group
2015-08Best Practices for minting new URIsPossibly looking at both minting for predicates and minting for local controlled vocabs (objects)  URI Management Working Group
2015-08FITS XML to RDFWGBH wants to bring FITS-specific XML in as RDF properties in Phydo to allow for search and discovery based on technical metadata properties of an object. Also interest in EXIF, FFProbe, and PBCore XML as RDF properties, so pulling in properties from various tech md, depending on what is available.

Something already in place in Hydra::Works for FITS -

EXIF has RDF expression -

2015-08Content-type specific technical metadata recommendationsTop requests: images, video, audio2015-11-21 AMIA '15 face-to-face might have interest in audio and video tech md profiles  
2015-10Model representative examples of Portland Common Data Model in RDF Documentation for Hydra::Works Tutorial   
More information needed/out of scope
2015-08Best Practice guide for caching and indexing in Solr   Applied Linked Data WG
2015-10Document practice for metadata describing relationships for variationsderivatives, thumbnails, additional metadata as file

See IANA link relations and File Use Vocabulary

2015-08Best practices on using multiple schemas/vocabularies   Descriptive WG
2015-08Best Practices for adding information to existing URIs    
2015-10-30Best practices for representing people (also events, places, other non-object entities) suggestions so far: FOAF, VIVO,; conversation and use cases on hydra-tech: [metadata ig] PCDM for people?Rick Johnson 

Work in Progress

Completed Work


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