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A place to share modeling of what theses and dissertations look like at your institution. If your Theses & Dissertations are different, please put each down below. Please copy the following sample model or make changes if you've got XPaths instead of predicates, for example. Share what you know and what you have.

Model Type, Institution Name



FieldPredicateObligationExpected ValueIndex (Y,N)


  • Field - What the field is doing, the title, etc.
  • Predicate - The shortened form of the predicate, e.g. dct:title
  • Obligation - whether it's required and whether its use it limited. e.g. {1} for only 1 and required. {1,n} required and may have many. {0,1} for not required but may only have one. {0,n} not required but may have many.
  • Expected value - xsd:string, xsd:dateTime, etc. (feel free to put in your best guess if you're not sure).
  • Index (Y, N) - Whether or not it's indexed.

Feel free to add more columns, such as whether it's "facetable" (can it be faceted in search?).

Thesis or Dissertation, University of Notre Dame



Ruth's note: I feel like this should come with the disclaimers that we are not happy with this model and we intend to fix quite a few things about it.

FieldPredicateObligationExpected ValueIndex (Y,N)FacetableSortableNotes
Alternate Titledct:title#alternate{0, many}xsd:stringynn
Creator(s)dct:creator{0, many}xsd:stringynnWe generally expect to see 1 on thesis/dissertation but wanted to allow for complex cases.
Affiliationdct:creator#affiliation{0,1}controlled list: faculty, staff, postdoc, graduate student, undergraduate studentyynIntended to be the highest level of the primary contributor. Here it's always "graduate student" but it could be set as something else.


Departments and Unitsdct:creator#administrative_unit{0,n}controlled list of departments and unitsyynCurrently handled as a string and we'd like to do this better by creating a set of URIs.


etdms:degree{1}blank node (see appendix table 1)nnnWe will likely change this.
Contributor (Committee)dct:contributor{1,n}blank node (see appendix table 2)nnn
Rightsdct:rights{1}controlled list of CC and public domain URIs + "all rights reserved"yynThis is a mix of licenses and, I know.
not labeled or displayeddct:format#mimetypen/axsd:stringnnnNeither displayed nor something one can enter in a form.
Date Createddct:date#created




this is used by the cataloger

Date Submitteddct:dateSubmitted{1}xsd:dateynysystem-controlled
not labeled or displayeddct:modified{1}xsd:dateyn


Defense Datedct:date{1}xsd:stringyny
Approval Datedct:date#approved{1}xsd:stringynyNot displayed.
Languagedct:language{1,n}xsd:stringyynNot controlled. Form field defaults display "English."
Spatial Coveragedct:coverage#spatial{0,n}xsd:stringyyn
Temporal Coveragedct:coverage#temporal{0,n}xsd:stringyyn
URNdct:identifier#other{0,1}xsd:stringynnIndexed as "symbol"
DOIdct:identifier#doi{0,1}xsd:stringynnGenerated by system or validated if entered manually.
Countrydct:publisher#country{1}xsd:stringnnnRequired for various cataloging/Google Scholar reasons.

Appendix Table 1: Degree Blank Node

FieldPredicateObligationExpected ValueIndex (Y,N)FacetableSortableNotes
Degree Nameetdms:name{1}xsd:stringynnFrom controlled list
Degree Leveletdms:level{1}xsd:stringynnFrom controlled list
Degree Disciplineetdms:discipline{1}xsd:stringynnFrom controlled list

Appendix Table 2: Commitee member blank node (repeats)

FieldPredicateObligationExpected ValueIndex (Y,N)FacetableSortableNotes
Roleetdms:role{1}xsd:stringynnApparently searchable. From controlled list.
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