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  • Notes: November 6, 2014
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Held November, 2014

Present:  Chris Awre, Jenn, Melissa, Patricia Hswe, Tracy MacMath, Mark Notess, Cynthia Ramlo, 


 Mark Notess, Indiana University

  • Avalon Product Owner
  • Hydra PageTurner

Cynthia RamloIndiana University

  • Avalon User Experience Designer

Patricia HswePenn State University

  • Head of User Services for Scholar Sphere Institutional Repository

Chris AwreUniversity of Hull, United Kingdom

  • Hydra Partner

Tracy MacMathYale University

  • Hydra and Blacklight

JennCornell University

  • moving to Hydra

MelissaCornell University

  • moving to Hydra


Patricia showed ScholarsSphere 2.0 This release includes Word Cloud, Featured Deposit, Researcher of the Month and Latest Deposits.

Chris sent the url for the Hull History Centre

Jenn and Melissa showed Southeast Asia Visions which includes complex page and book-level metadata, as well as a page turning application.

Cynthia showed the new Avalon production release and discussed some of the new bulk editing features that are currently under development. 



There was a general discussion of the need for page turning applications, as well as interest expressed in ways of sharing design issued. Following up on a discussion from the recent Hydra Connect meeting there was a discussion of developing a means of asynchronous sharing of designs and deliverables as a means of encouraging feedback and critique. 



  • December 4th 
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