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Location:  Gould Auditorium at the Marriott Library

Date and Time: Monday, 10/8/18, 8:30am-5pm

We will MAY be able to have a call in number for remote participation (needs to be confirmed), but the room is large so acoustics may not be very good.

Chairs: Ben Armintor and Carolyn Caizzi

Agenda Ideas 

Please add ideas below by end of August; Carolyn and Ben will finalize agenda in September.

Progress made on Governance Recommendations since last meeting and Partner vote to adoptCarolyn/Rosy
If there is no formal WG/IG update at Connect it would be good for the partners to get a brief update on WG/IG activities.WGBH Karen (but I can't attend)
Discussion of report from the Samvera Contribution Model Working GroupRG/RS
Progress made on formation of Roadmap CouncilRG
Report on current state of fundraising vis à vis potential appointment of staffSteering
Marketing Samvera - how Partners can contributeSamvera Marketing WG (CA)
Date and location of Spring Partner Meeting

Discuss Samvera Virtual Connect 2019 planning, volunteers to lead, and strategy

Host meetings/sessions for IG/WG updates ( Survey feedback suggested more avenues to get updates from all Interest and Working groups like for example once or twice a year)

Nabeela J. & Crissy R.
Updates from Hyrax Working GroupTom Johnson or Steve Van Tuyl

Please add your name if you plan on attending the Partner meeting at Connect

Carolyn Caizzi Northwestern

Benjamin Armintor Columbia

Simeon Warner Cornell

John Weise U of MI

Richard Green Hull

Nabeela Jaffer U of MI

Jon Dunn Indiana University

Margaret Mellinger Oregon State University

May Chang Univ. of Cincinnati

Dan Coughlin Penn State University

Rosalyn Metz Emory University

Casey Davis Kaufman  WGBH

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