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  • Registration and day-to-day concerns
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  • A registration table should be provided on the first day of the meeting and maintained until the end.  Late in the conference it may not be necessary that this is manned, but a note could be left there indicating where key personnel might be contacted in case of need.  At busy times it should be adequately staffed so that people feel they are receiving the attention they deserve and not being rushed.
  • Delegates should be provided with (at the least) a badge with name and affiliation.  (The badge should have first and family names in equal sized large font.  Organisers should acquire, and then use, delegates' preferred first name as part of the booking procedure - Tom, not Thomas, Bess, not Elizabeth...)  HC2015 badges had "preferred pronoun" and were color coded to indicate photography preferences.
  • Delegates might receive a pack of papers (or else - as at HC2015 - these could usefully be easily accessible on-line in "tablet-friendly" format) including
    • a copy of the final conference schedule 
    • appropriate maps
    • a list of attendees
    • a link to the end-of-conference survey
    • a list of emergency contacts
    • instructions for running breakout groups 
    • etc..
  • The name badges of key people should be marked in some way that makes them easy to identify - organisers, formal helpers, etc
  • Any conference goodies should be available at the time of registration


Day-to-day concerns

  • As noted above, if the registration desk is unmanned (especially in the later stages of the conference), it should have a notice indicating where key personnel might be found in case of need.
  • Directions to rooms should be clearly posted.
  • Presenters and/or note-takers should be frequently reminded to upload presentations to the wiki asap
  • Organisers and helpers should have each others' cell phone numbers in case of need.
  • Depending on the conference schedule, there may be occasions when it makes sense for delegates to be able to leave computers and bags in a room that they are returning to.  It will be useful to organise in advance that such a room can be locked or guarded.
  • Someone(s) should be tasked with keeping an eye on newcomers during the event to try and make sure they integrate quickly and successfully.
  • In 2015 and 2016 the organizers sent daily emails to the delegates giving them information for the day - these were much appreciated!


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