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Links to Prior Documents

Governance Models for Samvera (by Mike Giarlo):

Samvera Community Governance presentation:

Synthesis of Samvera Governance Feedback:

From Partner’s Meeting

                Partner’s Meeting Agenda:

                Partner’s Meeting Notes:

                Governance 1:

                Governance 2:

Samvera Governance/ Roadmapping/ Resourcing Activity:


Governance Model Working Group:


Ryan’s Notes on Governance:


Core Component Maintenance WG Charter:


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  1. For first link to prior governance models document, (first link on this page), I have a gentle suggestion to say "(by Mike Giarlo et al)".  Alternatively list the full group of people which did the wordsmithing (although I fear I am leaving someone out) which includes Mike, myself, Steve Van Tuyl, Rick Johnson, Karen Estlund.  Many others participated in the conversations on slack and in virtual meetings that led to the document.